A lawsuit says that Matt Araiza, a rookie for the Buffalo Bills, was involved in the gang-rape of a minor. 

A civil lawsuit filed Thursday in San Diego County Superior Court says that Matt Araiza, a rookie for the Buffalo Bills, took part in the gang-rape of a minor last

year while he was going to San Diego State University. The document, which USA TODAY Sports got a hold of,

says that Araiza had sex with a drunk 17-year-old high school senior outside of an off-campus party. He then allegedly brought her into a room

where she was attacked by multiple men, including at least one player on the San Diego State football roster. The complaint says that the teen drank with friends

before going to a Halloween party at Araiza's house on the night of October 16-17. She said that Araiza, who was 21 at the time,

gave her a drink that she thought "not only contained alcohol but also other intoxicating substances," even though she said she was in high school. This is what the lawsuit says. 

The lawsuit says that Araiza took the drunk teen to the side of the house and told her to give him oral sex before "pulling her up from the ground,

turning her around so she was facing away from the party, and" penetrating her from behind. Then, Araiza is said to have taken her to a bedroom where his teammates

took turns raping her for an hour and a half. The complaint says that the teen said she was awake and asleep during the sexual assault. 

The lawsuit also names Zavier Leonard, an offensive lineman for the Aztecs in 2022, and Nowlin "Pa'a" Ewaliko, who isn't on the roster.

"Sexual assault claims are taken seriously by the university. San Diego State University said in a statement released Thursday night: "As this is still being looked

into by the university and because of privacy laws (FERPA), the university can't say much about its investigation." However, SDSU's independent investigation is

still going on and following the California State University policy: CSU Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Exploitation,

Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Stalking, and Retaliation (Nondiscrimination Policy).  

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