Alabama's star quarterback is taking advantage of his NIL time by starring in the latest "Fansville" series from Dr. Pepper.

ESPN showed the first part of the story from the made-up town during the game between Clemson and Georgia Tech on Monday night.

In the ad, a college student comes home from school and finds that his parents have replaced him with Young. 

With an angry look, Young tells him, "They're my family now." Young told Prince J. Grimes of For The Win that he doesn't know how much.

He also talked about what he did on the Fansville set. Young said, "I didn't have any acting lessons, but I felt like I should have."

The actors and crew were great. So it was a little scary to just be able to watch them. But I enjoyed doing it. 

In a one-minute video, former linebacker Brian Bosworth played a sheriff who asked how many NIL deals Young had.

The video was made to promote Dr. Pepper's latest Fansville ads. 
It wasn't the first ad in a long-running campaign that he had done. 

Young also joined Tim Tebow, Kyler Murray, Baker Mayfield, and other Heisman Trophy winners in a commercial for Nissan called "Heisman House."

If he tries for another Heisman this season, he could get more sponsorships.

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