Brooke Shields writes an emotional post after her daughter Rowan leaves for college, saying, "I miss her already." "I thought the second time would be easier.

She's already been gone all summer," the "Blue Lagoon" actress says in the post. New York City, New YorkNo On Thursday, August 18, the "Endless Love"

actress Brooke Shields posted a sad Instagram video in which she said she had just waved goodbye to her 19-year-old daughter Rowan as she left for her sophomore year of college at Wake Forest University.

Even when it's necessary, Shields said, it's "so hard" to say goodbye. She has two daughters with her husband, Chris Henchy: Rowan, who is 16, and Grier, who is 16. 

The 57-year-old actress said, with tears in her eyes, "So, I wave my daughter goodbye again." "I thought the second time would be easier.

She has already been gone for the whole summer. I'm not going with her because she's going with her dad, but she's taking my car, which was a gift for me when I graduated,

so she'll be driving that. It was just too painful. I'm not sure if I can drive away from campus again. So, if anyone else is going through something similar,

know that we're all in this together. " I already miss her. She said, "Our babies." "This is what you need. You teach them so they will leave you. "

She wrote in the description of her video, "It turns out that the second time is not the charm when it comes to sending your child to college. Here comes her second year.

If you need me, I'll be crying. " In Shields' comments section, there were a lot of parents who felt sorry for her situation. Someone wrote, "Thank you so much for being you."

" My girlfriend and I are moving this week. "I understand that she needs to broaden her horizons, especially after two years of online high school, but I'm still very sad about it,

said someone else. Another user said, "I understand. We teach them to be great, we give them wings, and then they have the nerve to fly away! An unpleasant day Just let it all out. "

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