Broadway’s ‘Music Man’ Revival Will End Run on Jan. 1

The hugely popular Broadway revival of "The Music Man" will end on January 1. This is because the show's stars, Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster

left the show, and the producers didn't want to recast. The show opened on December 20, so Jackman and Foster have been in it for a little more than a year,

which is a typical length of time for a Broadway contract. Both of them have been working on the project for a few years,

 because it was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic like so many other shows.
The show is being made by Horton, Barry Diller, and David Geffen

who are all worth a billion dollars each. The three took over when the first lead producer, Scott Rudin, quit after being accused of being mean to people.

The production says that by the time it ends, it will have had 358 regular performances and 46 preview performances. Like a lot of other shows

it had to cancel some shows because of the coronavirus. One of the show's producers, Kate Horton, said in a statement,