Britney Spears says she’ll probably never perform

Britney Spears fans hoping to see her perform live again now that she is no longer under the famous conservatorship that has ruled her life for

more than a decade should not hold their breath. In an Instagram post on Sunday, Spears said that her work onstage while under conservatorship had left her

"pretty traumatised." She also said that she would "probably never perform again," even though her recent collaboration with Elton John,

"Hold Me Closer," has given her career a boost. The 40-year-old singer said it broke her heart that

t she didn't have creative control over her music videos when she was forced to be under conservatorship from 2008 to 2021. Her father,

, Jamie Spears, was mostly in charge of the situation.   Spears also said that she didn't like how many dancers were with her during her four-year

residency in Las Vegas and that she didn't like the photos that her former dancers took during her shows.