The new song Britney Spears made with Elton John is out on the Internet. After a leak, Britney Spears' fans begged people to take the star's content off the internet. 

The much-anticipated collaboration between Britney Spears and Elton John has reportedly been leaked online.  

Fans are furious The US Sun said that the new song was all over social media before the "Princess of Pop" was able to put it out herself.

Britney's first new song in six years is called "Hold Me Closer." It's said to be a mix of Sir Elton John's Tiny Dancer, one of his most famous songs, with parts of his other songs, like The One from 1992. 

Britney, who is 40, is said to have changed the lyrics and offered to sing a new verse for the remix, which will be out soon. But some fans online say they got it early and leaked what they say is a preview of the single.

In the clip that was posted on Twitter, a voice that is said to be Britney's can be heard singing "hold me closer, Tiny Dancer" and other lyrics in her signature high-pitched voice.

Even though the short clip hasn't been confirmed or denied, fans who have been waiting for the whole thing to come out in a proper format are criticising it.

"That's not fine." "She's working so hard," one Britney fan wrote, referring to the care the singer has put into her big comeback track.

"Stop leaking it!" begged one, while a third shouted, "Delete it!" One fan even wondered if the song that got out wasn't even the final version. "Why let it out if she doesn't like it?"

Still, some excited fans couldn't wait to see her again. One person said, "Can't wait!" and another said, "OMG, I want it!" A third person, who supposedly heard the supposed preview, said it was great.

The fan tweeted, "She sounds so good." This project is similar to the one Elton did with Dua Lipa last summer.

Their hit song "Cold Heart" topped a number of Billboard charts. Britney hopes to get the same kind of response when she starts to perform again.

The Sun was told by a source Over the years, Elton has helped many artists, both in public and in private, and he has been well aware of Britney's struggles.

"They've known each other for years, and Elton has personally invited Brit to a number of his famous Oscar parties," a source said. "He really wants the best for her,

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