Brisbane's first full-scale Comic-Con since COVID brings an influx of new cosplayers

This weekend, there were a lot of pirates, elves, and stormtroopers at Brisbane's convention centre. This was the first full-scale OZ Comic-Con since COVID

, and it brought a lot of new cosplayers with it. The two-day comic convention gives fans a chance to meet their favourite movie and TV stars, but for many,

the best part is getting to know a friendly group of people. The practise of dressing up as characters from television shows, movies, books, video games

and other media is known as cosplay. JusZ Cosplay, who represents cosplay at OZ Comic-Con, said that it had helped make a place

where people could feel safe and at ease. "A lot of people did cosplay when the school was locked down. People who thought,

I've always wanted to try it, and I have a lot of free time. Maybe I'll just try to make something in my living room. "," she told me.

Many things are now done online, which was a big change, so we're used to "going live" and chatting with people and sharing panels.