Even though it's been five years since Jay-Z's last solo album, he's been pretty busy lately, especially since music isn't his main focus anymore.

In addition to working on two projects with his wife Beyoncé and one with Roc Nation artist Jay Electronica, Hov has done a lot of features that show

he hasn't lost a step in the booth. But there are different kinds of guest verses, and Jay's nearly four-minute, 80-bar blackout session on the title

track of DJ Khaled's new album God Did is one of the latter. Since everyone is talking about the verse, let's break down what makes it so special, and then we'll debate whether it lives up to the hype.

Limitations on time Drug Talk This Jigga is my favourite. I never wanted to be the state custodian, "he seems to be separating himself from the

neoliberal billionaire talk that I don't like. I eagerly await his re-entry into his smooth-criminal bag.Rarely does someone who is this far into the game

come out unscathed, and he is secure enough to be surprised by his own success. Jay's calling his "God Did" verse "Psalm 151" shows that he still

thinks of himself as a David instead of a Goliath, which is crazy since he's a billionaire and has been called hip-hop's greatest living rapper in recent years. Lucky Lefty likes to win against the odds.  

Team Love To achieve this Young Guru, Jay's longtime engineer, has been talking about how some of Jay's lines are hard to understand without help

from his inner circle on social media today. For one thing, when he talks about selling drugs with "Loro" and "washing La Madrina,"

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