Danielle Fishel says that after the show ended, she worked as a gift-wrapper at Bloomingdale's: "I liked wrapping gifts."

Danielle Fishel, who played Topanga on the hit TGIF show "Boy Meets World," said that she worked as a gift wrapper at a Bloomingdale's store in Newport

Beach, California, while she was in college in 2009. On Monday's episode of her rewatch podcast "Pod Meets World," she said, "I liked to wrap gifts."

At the 34:00 mark of the episode, Fishel, her cohosts Rider Strong and Will Friedle, and guest Marty York,

who was in a few episodes of "Boy Meets World," started talking about how actors are looked down upon when they work outside of Hollywood.

Fishel then told us how, after the ABC show ended, she got a job she didn't expect.

Fishel says that she was at Bloomingdale's buying a set of wine glasses for a former "Boy Meets World" co-wedding star's gift the next day.

She wanted it wrapped up as a gift, but when she went to the department to pick it up, the woman told her that her gift wouldn't be ready until the next day.

Even though it was hours before the store was supposed to close, the woman told Fishel that she closed the register early because

the store wasn't busy, and she refused to reopen it. The director and actor said she told the worker, "I'll have no trouble putting it together."

Can you just give me the materials and I'll wrap it here? " Fishel then "sat down on the floor in the customer service department of Bloomingdale's" to wrap the gift herself.  

At some point, Fishel's boss came back and saw what he was doing. After yelling at his employee for not wrapping Fishel's gift

he praised Fishel for how well he wrapped gifts. "He looks at me and says, 'That's actually pretty good,'" she said, adding that she thanked him and told him she loves to wrap gifts.

The manager then gave the "Girl Meets World" star his business card, she said. She decided to fill out an application after giving it some thought.

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