Blackpink’s Rebel Yell Pink Venom Collaborators

Blackpink are the current kings of K-pop, so a lot is riding on their second album. The girl group could have played it safe, but on their new album

"Pink Venom," which is out now, they don't. They talk about current events, use the F-word, and throw in some slow jams. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé,

and Lisa are working on the pivot with the help of a diverse group of collaborators, who are now letting the creative process out of the bag.

Bekuh Boom, whose real name is Rebecca Rose Johnson and who sings and writes songs, has been with Blackpink from the beginning. Literally

 She says, "I met them when they were still in training." "The same Korean teacher taught us." 
In 2012,

Boom was in Seoul trying to get a deal as an artist. YG Entertainment put her in touch with Blackpink. Soon, she had helped write their first two singles,

Boombayah" and "Whistle." Since Boom was one of the original collaborators, it makes sense that he's back for "Pink Venom,"