Big Ten football Misery Index: Michigan football, Michigan State prove savvy shoppers

The ancient adage "You get what you pay for" is rarely heard in college football, primarily because many college football fans would prefer not

to remind you that the athletes are unpaid. (At least by the schools, and no more than a stipend much below the minimum wage.)

Foodd, strange local advertisements, and, somehow, Alabama's Bryce Youngares everywhere afterusing theg Cash App to buy Dr. Pepper for

the guys at Nissan's Heisman House. However, that is a matter for the SEC football Misery Index (which Nick Saban has consistently led since January

win or lose), and this is the Big Ten football Misery Index.

In Week 2 of the 2022 season, Big Ten schools got exactly what they paid for when it came to patsies..

Visiting Teams," as Indiana's deal with FCS-level Idaho for two games, is specified.