I know that the official title of Season 3 of Big Sky is "Deadly Trails." But I'm going with Three's Company in my head.

After all, the addition of Jensen Ackles's character, Sheriff Beau Arlen, has made the relationship between Cassie, Jenny,

and Beau the cutest, most fun, and most beautiful. And while it's possible that two of these three will end up with each other as the episodes go on,

I'm really enjoying how they're all getting along as the season starts.  

But put those warm feelings aside for a second—we have a case to solve! Here are the most important parts of the first episode, "Do You Love an Apple?"

Paths of Disappointment | Credibility As a hiker sets out on a trail, Clearwater Revival's "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" plays in the background.

Everything is going well until the hiker reaches a rocky ledge and finds an old tape recorder playing music.

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