Best Megadeth Songs: 20 Essential Tracks For Droogies

Megadeth is one of the most important and innovative heavy metal bands. They have been making technically superior speed metal for more than 30 years

which gives them a better claim than most to being the genre's defining musical force. The man who started the group was also a key member of Metallica,

the band that is often credited with creating thrash metal. After he had a fight with his former bandmates, the talented guitarist Dave

Mustaine came back with a new way of writing songs. With his new band, Megadeth, he started writing songs that were harder, faster,

, and more technical. Mustaine says that the band's name means the end of power. It's also a misspelling of "megadeath," which is a unit of one

million deaths used to estimate how many people would die in a nuclear war.
In the 1980s, Mustaine was a unique part of the glam/hair metal scene in Los Angeles.

He made a mix of high-speed jazz-fusion that was full of dynamic tones and catchy choruses. Megadeth's technical