On Tuesday, many people's lives in the southern Indian city of Bengaluru were messed up by two days of heavy rain

that caused traffic jams, power outages, and heavy floods that swept into homes and covered roads.  

Videos on social media showed people getting to work by getting on tractors because many parts of the city were still flooded.

On Monday, many schools were closed because of the heavy rain, and the government has warned that the water supply could be cut off.

People who were drowning in the floodwaters were rescued by boats. he city has been called "India's tech capital" because it is home to many tech companies.

Because of the rain, many of these companies' offices have been flooded, so their employees have had to work from home.  

September is usually the rainiest month in Bengaluru, but this year it has rained more than usual.

Bengaluru Urban and Bengaluru Rural, which are the two parts of the city, have each seen 141% and 114% more rain than usual. On Monday night, 131.6

millimetres (5.2 inches) of rain fell, making it the wettest September day in the last eight years. The India Meteorological Department says that Karnataka,

the southern state where Bengaluru is located, is one of the places that has gotten the most rain this year.