Bengals Notebook: Twice-In-Two-Decade Move At Long Snapper

In the 20 years that Darrin Simmons has been in charge of the Bengals' special teams, this is only the second time that he has thought about

replacing his long snapper for a long time. Long snapper Clark Harris, who has snapped in all but three of the Bengals' last 205 games since 2009, is thought to have torn his bicep in

Sunday's season opener against Pittsburgh. This would end his season. The only other time Simmons did this was the Tuesday after the game in Baltimore on October 11, 2009

, when they decided to sign Harris and get rid of Brad St. Louis. This was in the middle of St. Louis's 10th season with the Bengals and after his 144th game.

The week before, Harris had been let go from his third NFL team, the Texans. So it was only natural that the Bengals played the Texans the

week after they replaced St. Louis with him, and he has been their guy ever since. Until Monday, when they put Harris on injured reserve and called up rookie

Cal Adomitis from the practise squad to snap on Sunday in Dallas, just two weeks after Adomitis found out Harris beat him in the preseason.