Bad Bunny’s Video for ‘El Apagón’

Bad Bunny released the much-anticipated music video for "El Apagón" on Friday. The song is a lively ode to Puerto Rico that talks about some

of the social and economic problems that are happening there. The name of the song comes from the rolling blackouts that have been a

problem for people in Puerto Rico, especially since Hurricane Mara hit exactly five years ago. But Bad Bunny has never been afraid to talk

about what's going on on the island. He surprised many people by going much deeper into the song's theme and adding an 18-minute

documentary at the end of the video. In the first four minutes of "El Apagón," Bad Bunny and people of all ages from the La Perla

neighbourhood of Old San Juan can be seen. There are many images of Puerto Rican celebrities and historical figures, and the video ends with

Bad Bunny leading a rave inside the Guajataca Tunnel, where he puts the spotlight on LGBTQIA+ dancers voguing and partying with him.