A new law says that if Kim Jong Un is hurt in an attack, North Korea will launch a nuclear response "automatically and immediately.

This is the first time that the leader has given someone else the power to strike in such a serious situation.

The law, which was passed by Kim's rubber-stamp parliament, also lets North Korea strike first with nuclear weapons

if it thinks that foreign weapons are heading toward its strategic targets or state leadership.  

The dictator has said that he will never give up his country's nuclear and missile programmes, which took decades to build

and are getting more dangerous every year. Kim said on Friday, according to state-run media, that North Korea will

"never give up nuclear weapons, and there is absolutely no denuclearization, no negotiation, and no bargaining chip to trade in the process."

Like his father before him, Kim doesn't want to give up his nuclear weapons because they help keep the regime in place.