Australia's first hijab-wearing senator,

Australia's first senator to wear a hijab is 27 years old. In her first speech, she breaks down in tears when she talks about her late immigrant father and her story as a refugee.

This shows the painful reason she got involved in politics.
Tuesday was Senator Fatima Payman's first time addressing the Senate.

She shed tears as she remembered her father, Abdul, who died in 2018. 
Four years after fleeing to Australia and saving money, 

he was able to bring his family with him. 
She said proudly that her choice to wear a hijab was her own, 

, and she didn't want to be judged for it.
When a student mocked her for wearing it, she decided to enter politics. 

Fatima Payman's path to becoming Australia's first hijab-wearing parliamentarian began when a university friend made fun of her headgear.  

Until she sat in that tutorial, the young pharmacy student had always felt accepted in Australia, where she had fled Afghanistan as an infant.

Years later, Senator Payman wore her hijab with confidence in her first speech to parliament on Tuesday night. She cried as she talked about her late father and praised him. 

Abdul Wakil Payman took a boat to Australia in 1999, four years before his family could join him. His family had fled to Pakistan and it took them that long to get back.