Atlanta’ Season 4 Heads Home to Assess the Past

The European setting of "Atlanta" gave the cast and crew ideas for a big-swinging second-to-last season, as many young Americans do on their

first trip abroad. The main characters didn't appear in nearly half of the episodes. Two more did, but they were only about Van (Zazie Beetz)

and Alfred (Brian Tyree Henry) and didn't have the rest of the main cast. Cameos by Chet Hanks, Liam Neeson, Kevin Samuels, and Alexander

Skarsgrd stirred things up. The first 10 episodes of "Atlanta" that came out in 2022, which were also the first ones to come out since 2018,

changed the show in many ways. Stories like "The Big Payback" criticised white liberals; "New Jazz" looked at the fears of black entertainers;

and many episodes were full of ghosts. Spirits of the past fit right in with Europe's long and complicated history,

and they add a lot to a trippy comedy like "Atlanta," especially when they take the form of real people, like Alfred's friend Lorraine (Ava Grey)