Ashton Kutcher was shocked when his nose started bleeding while he was getting ready for the New York Marathon.

The Hollywood actor has been getting ready to take part in the annual event in November. During a recent 17-mile training run, 

he felt pain in his chest and noticed that his nose was bleeding.Ashton said on Thursday night's (November 22) episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!": "I had bloody nipples."

I like what is going on at the moment. My legs were fine, but my nips were on fire. "  The show's guest host, David Alan Grier, then gave the 44-year-old star a set of gold nipple 

"We've been filming, and we've shot about 10 episodes of this show with Natalie Portman, Kenny Chesney, and just friends like Chris Paul who come over."

Ashton has recently talked about a health scare he had in 2019 when he had a "rare vasculitis episode." This has led him to want to get in shape.

He said that he got an "autoimmune flare-up" from the disease, which is an inflammation of the blood vessels whose cause is not known.

As a result, he lost his hearing and his balance. He sent out a tweet that said, "Before, there were a lot of rumors, talk, or whatever.

Yes, I had a rare vasculitis episode three years ago. After an autoimmune flare-up, I had trouble hearing, seeing, and keeping my balance.  

The "What Happens in Vegas" star then told his 17.1 million fans that he had "made a full recovery" and was getting ready for the November marathon.

He also said, "I got better." All is good. Continuing See you at the New York City Marathon in 2022 with Thorn. "