Ashley Judd says that the way the police handled the situation was awful and made her feel like she might have been responsible for her mother's death.

She said that during the investigation, she felt helpless and like she had nowhere to go. She told the police that she was holding her mother's body while she was giving birth.

She said that she talked to law enforcement during that testing time because that's what people do and is expected of them.

How has the process made you feel? 
She said she gave a long answer because she had to go through four interviews on the day her mother died.

She says that on any other day, she would have never answered those questions. She felt awkward and wondered if she was being heard, if she was being recorded,

 and if her interview would be made public. 
She said that the interviews with the police seemed like they had to happen, 

and she wanted to comfort her dying mother. Ashley thinks that when the police came to her house, they used the most out-of-date and bad interview methods.

She thought she might be a suspect because of how the police were looking into the case. She wants them to be able to handle scary situations better.

Don't let anyone see it. 
Ashley Judd also talked about how her family fought to keep her mother's police interviews and investigation file out of the public eye

She thinks that this private medical and personal information doesn't belong on the Internet, in the news, or anywhere else except in our memories.

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