Alex tells Allie and Chanel in the Square that he met the woman of his dreams, Stephanie Johnson. Allie points out that he is her cousin. Alex hopes

will speak up for him. When he tells them how she turned him down, they laugh. But he knows that she will eventually realise that they are meant

to be together. Allie tells him that no really does mean no. Alex promises not to put any pressure on Stephanie. He's been looking for a woman like

this his whole life. He won't mess it up by being too forward. When he walks away, the women joke that he's going to mess it up big time.

Stephanie tells Sonny at Titan that she can't work for him because Alex is always hitting on her. Sonny says that won't happen because his brother

has a very short attention span when it comes to women. Sonny tells Sloan how he found Alex with Alex, and they both laugh about how Adrienne

would react. So, he wants to work with Stephanie because of this. since they both like the same people. She says yes to the job as Alex brings Stephanie flowers. She goes.  

Marlena and Kayla wake up bound to chairs in a warehouse. Kayla yells for help, but Marlena knows that Orpheus made sure no one can hear her.

Marlena also knows that John and Steve will come get them, but until then, they have to take care of themselves. Kayla talks about all the turns the

car took on the way there, and Marlena remembers hearing church bells. They figure out that they're on the docks.

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