Arlo Parks cancels US dates I'm broken

Arlo Parks' debut album, Collapsed in Sunbeams, helped us get through a particularly gloomy winter. Since then, she's won a BRIT Award, the Mercury Prize

and opened for Harry Styles, Florence + the Machine, and Billie Eilish. NBD! Now, after 18 months on tour, the musician is protecting her mental health.

She started her US tour last week with shows in Canada and New York City. Since then, she's used social media to tell fans she's had to cancel some shows

citing exhaustion and mental health problems, and saying she'll be flying back to the UK to rest.

Fans who bought tickets to gigs in Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Denver, and Salt Lake City can get refunds

Her tour will resume on September 26 in Portland. In a social media post, "I've been on the road for 18 months, working every spare second.

People around me were scared, but I was eager to deliver and afraid to fail my followers and myself. I pushed myself too far and too hard. "