Anne Heche’s New Memoir Will Be Released In January 2023

Call Me Anne, the second biography of the late actress Anne Heche, will come out in January 2023. It will be published by Viva Editions and Simon & Schuster.

Call Me Anne is a collection of personal stories about Heche's rise to fame. The book's publisher called it "a personal look inside Heche's mind.

These include how Harrison Ford became her mentor on set, her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres, her meeting with Harvey Weinstein, her

history of sexual abuse as a child, her relationship with God, and her journey to love herself. 
The book is called 

"part memoir and part self-acceptance workbook" by Viva Editions/Simon & Schuster. It has personal stories, poems, prompts, and exercises that Heche

says helped her get through hard times. I was called "outrageous" because I fell in love with a woman, "Heche wrote in Call Me Anne.

The Associated Press got a copy of an excerpt from the book. "Before I went out with Ellen, I had never been with a woman."