Anne Heche's Final Performance in 'Girl in Room 13' Was 'a Tour de Force,' Says Elisabeth Röhm

She was just a joy to work with and a hero for the movie. " Anne Heche, who made the movie Girl in Room 13, told PEOPLE that she worked

with Elisabeth Rohm on one of her last movies before she died last month at age 53. 
This weekend, Anne Heche takes one of her last bows in "Girl in Room 13" on Lifetime.

Last month, the actress Anne Heche died at the age of 53. The film's director, Elisabeth Rohm, told PEOPLE that she and Heche "were really proud of what we did

The film, which opens on Saturday, is about human trafficking. "Working with her was a great experience," says Rohm, who is 49 years old. "These Lifetime

movies move quickly and have a tough schedule, but she worked very, very hard and always brought her best, which made the other actors look better,

and she was so kind to all the other actors." "Girl in Room 13" says that Anne Heche was a "hero" for people who had been hurt by violence.

Elisabeth Rohm is the director. 
In Girl in Room 13, Heche plays Janie, the "heroic mother" of Larissa Dias, a recovering heroin addict who is kidnapped