Ellen DeGeneres is nice to Anne Heche, even though her ex is in the hospital.

The woman who used to host a daytime talk show said a few words about her relationship with Heche, whom she dated from 1997 to 2000.

When a photographer asked if she had talked to Heche since her car accident, DeGeneres said, "We don't talk, so I wouldn't know."

Still, DeGeneres said on camera that she wants to wish her well and that she doesn't want anyone to get hurt.

"That accident was kind of dangerous, wasn't it?" the cameraman asked Generes walked to her car, she said, "It sure was."

This is the first time the comedian has talked about Heche's car accident in public since she was taken to the hospital on Friday with burns.

At the time, Heche had crashed her blue Mini Cooper into a two-story house, starting a fire that took nearly 60 firefighters to put out.

"Right now, Anne's condition is very, very bad," a rep for the actress told ET on Monday. 

"She has a serious lung injury that needs mechanical ventilation, and she has burns that need surgery."

"She is in a coma and hasn't woken up since shortly after the accident," the rep said.

Dr. Michael L. Cooper, who is in charge of the burn unit at Staten Island University Hospital but is not treating Heche,

talked about the circumstances of her injuries.

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