People at Anker probably know that Apple will probably show off new iPhones on September 7.

The company just came out with a new charger, which is a sure sign. This small charger, like the ones that came before it, puts out 30 watts.  

It's about the same size as the 5-watt plug Apple (AAPL) used to give with the iPhone, and it comes in a few different colours now.

Anker doesn't waste any time, and you can order the new Nano 3 (30 Watt) from Anker and Amazon right now. It's 10% off right now, so it's only $20.60.

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and services on this website. The Nano 3 is a square plug that is easy to use and weighs less than 40 grammes.

It's easy to hold with only one or two fingers, and it won't take up much room in your bag.

The plugs slide in and out without any trouble. Like the hinge on the Galaxy Z Flip 4, there is enough give here, but it won't fall out of the outlet.