Amy Schumer Vows to Burn Any Remaining

Amy Schumer is going back to where she came from. Inside Amy Schumer, the sketch show that fans love, will return for a fifth season

on the streaming service Paramount+ on October 20. The long-awaited episode will have five parts. The first two will be available on the day

they come out, and the other three will come out every week. Schumer, who is currently on the "Whore Tour" and getting ready for a second

season of Life & Beth on Hulu, wrote on Tuesday that she was bringing the show back to "burn any remaining bridges" and that it was

"better than ever" and "close to as good as season 3." Schumer, who created, wrote, directed, produced, and was a regular on

the show, is known for turning off the show, which won Emmys and Peabodys and ran on Comedy Central from 2013 to 2016.

Even though the show was picked up for a fifth season, she tweeted in 2016 that she "wasn't making the show anymore."

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