Allison Russell, Brandi Carlile, Billy Strings Score Wins at Americana Honors & Awards

Allison Russell, Brandi Carlile, and Billy Strings were some of the winners at the Americana Honors & Awards show in Nashville on Wednesday night

These artists are some of the most popular in the genre right now. In the six categories where people voted, the winners were newcomer Sierra Ferrell,

 instrumentalist Larissa Maestro, and the husband-and-wife duo, War and Treaty. 
At the Americana Awards

the competition can be more like a family reunion than at other shows. Carlile, Russell, and Yola, who all had three nominations, have been

especially close as they have supported and performed with each other. Carlile was even a big part of how Russell got signed to Fantasy Records.

Russell and Carlile ended up sharing two of the awards they were nominated for. Russell, who was nominated for the first time,

won album of the year for her first solo album, "Outside Child." It was at the top of many critics' top 10 lists at the end of 2021, including Variety's