Anne Heche's untimely death happened a few weeks ago, and now her son Homer Laffoon is taking steps to take control of the late actor's estate.

News said that Laffoon has put in a request to be in charge of Heche's estate. The star of "Donnie Brasco" has two sons:

Laffoon, who is 20, with her ex-husband Coleman Laffoon, and Atlas Tupper, who is 13, with her ex-husband James Tupper.

The estate of Heche is split between Laffoon and his younger brother. E! News got documents that Laffoon had filed.

They said, "Filed simultaneously with this petition is a Petition for Appointment of Guardian ad Litem for the Minor,

which specifically requests that the guardian ad litem be given the power to waive bond on behalf of the Minor.

" In the papers, Heche's personal property and annual income are both listed as "unknown."  

This new information comes almost a month after Heche crashed her car into a house in Los Angeles, setting the house on fire.

Heche was left in a coma after the accident. He was later taken to the hospital, where he was said to be in stable condition at first.

But her condition got worse over time, and a week after the accident, she was declared brain dead.

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