There was a lot of drama during the Monday round of the 2022 Sinquefield Cup. World Champion GM Magnus Carlsen withdrew from the competition

without giving a public reason. However, based on the reactions of everyone, it was clear that cheating had been suspected because anti-cheating measures

were made much stronger. After this happened, the rest of the games seemed to have less weight.

But GM Fabiano Caruana got out of his long slump and won his first game of the tournament.

Since the other games ended in draws, GM Wesley So now has the most points with 2.5. Since Carlsen's previous games don't affect the standings anymore,

GMs Hans Niemann and Ian Nepomniachtchi are now in second place with two points, but they have only played three games.

When all the players had to go through more checks to make sure they weren't cheating before entering the tournament hall,

it was clear that something was up. After that, someone said that the moves would be shown 15 minutes later than planned.

Even though Carlsen said the game was over, GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov showed up at the board and waited 10 minutes until he was called the winner. 

I don't think that the Azeri knew about Magnus's tweet before he got to the tournament hall.

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