See Adele discuss the creation of "Chasing Pavements," "Easy on Me," and other songs. In a new video for her Elle cover story,

Adele revealed some secrets about the lyrics to some of her biggest hits. The singer talked about songs from her first album, "19," to her most recent, "30."

She began her "Life in Lyrics" episode by saying that her lyrics have probably changed a little bit over time because her vocabulary has grown.  

"But, you know, they always talk about me and, it seems, my failed relationships," she said. Which is weird because I don't really feel that way, but yeah. "

Adele starts the segment by reading a line from "Easy on Me." She says that she wrote some of the verses in the shower and that the song made her think

about how "lost I was when I left my marriage." "During that rough time in my life, many of my friends kept telling me, 'You need to be easy on yourself,

and you shouldn't be too hard on yourself about your choices,'" she said. "It just really, really stuck with me that, like, I need to be nice to myself." 

Adele criticised her use of filler words as a young songwriter when she read a line from "Chasing Pavements." She said, "I do remember that when I was 19,

I always used the word "because."" It's so stupid. I was in the studio with Sia once, and I kept saying "because," "but," and "and," and she said, "We don't do

those words. We don't use words like that. It's just, like, lazy. 'But it's clear I'm being lazy." She talked about how it was to work with Bruno Mars on "All I Ask,"

which she called "one of her favourite songs." " [Bruno] made me sing that song about 50 million times. Most of the time, people would say, "That was great, that was fine,

that's all you need to do!" but he made me do so many. " Adele says in the cover story that she "went into hiding" after cancelling her Las Vegas residency

just one day before it was set to start. Her residency will now start in November of this year instead of this summer.

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