Adam Sandler steps out with the help of a cane

Adam Sandler was seen going out with the help of a cane right after it came out that he had hip surgery recently.

On Tuesday afternoon, the 56-year-old actor was seen shopping in Brentwood. He was dressed very casually.

The comedian was seen walking with a cane earlier this month. On Tuesday, it came out that he was using a cane because he had hip surgery.

Sandler went for a walk in Brentwood, wearing a bright Hawaiian shirt and dark sunglasses.

The actor had a full beard and wore blue basketball shorts with orange stripes down the legs.

He finished off his outfit with multicoloured sneakers and a necklace that showed through his shirt.

Early in September, the comedian was seen out with his wife, Jackie, in Los Angeles. He was also using a cane to help him walk.

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