AAP MLA Jarnail Singh praises 1984 Sikh riot movie “Jogi”

As a member of the group of activists who have spent their whole lives trying to get justice for the Sikhs who were killed in 1984,

Delhi AAP MLA Jarnail Singh liked the Punjabi movie "Jogi," which is about the terrible things that happened to the Sikh community.  

Singh has brought up the idea of punishing the power-hungry politicians with vested interests who killed Sikhs

in 1984 in the Delhi Vidhan Sabha and on other occasions.

Singh talked about the scenes in the movie that show how helpless the people were as they were tortured to death in front of their families.

He said that this was one of the most shameful things that had ever happened to people.  

At the same time, Singh pointed out that friendship in the movie was a symbol of goodness.