A look back at Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip's decades-long love story after her death at 96

They were the longest-married royal couple in history, with 73 years of marriage. On Thursday, at the age of 96, Queen Elizabeth II passed away at Balmoral Castle,

a year and a half after her loving husband Prince Philip passed away in April 2021. They were the longest-

-married royal couple in history, having been together for 73 years. Their decades-long passion persisted through many tough periods for the royal family

with the monarch once referring to her spouse as "my strength and stay." 
Queen Elizabeth was seven years old

and Prince Philip was twelve when they first met at a wedding. THE DEATH OF QUEEN ELIZABETH II AT THE AGE OF 96:

HER LIFE AS A BRITISH ROYALTY However, it wasn't until they met again at the Royal Naval College in 1939

five years later, that their relationship blossomed. After Prince Philip's departure to fight in World War II,