22 Weird, Wild, And Wonderful Movies Now Streaming On Peacock

The real-life story of famous party promoter Michael Alig is told in a colourful and campy way by Macaulay Culkin in a rare adult leading role.

Killer Films, Strand Releasing, and Alamy 
This Korean thriller about a skilled assassin who is turned into a weapon by a secret intelligence agency will 

keep you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the end. Next Entertainment World, Apeitda, and Alamy. 

This crazy sci-fi/action movie comes from the same people who made the Crank movies. It shows how a skilled online gamer (Logan Lerman) and his death-

-row inmate surrogate (Gerard Butler) team up with an underground hacking group to take on the exploitative and heartless creator (Michael C. Hall)

 of a popular high-tech shoot-'em-up game that uses real criminals instead of digital avatars. 
In this strange and scary drama

from the visionary artist and filmmaker Philip Ridley, a young boy (Jeremy Cooper) lives on a remote farm in Idaho in the 1950s. When a series of strange