Roy Scheider, who played Quint in "Jaws," has been brought back from the dead—at least on screen. This is because new technology made it

possible to finish the movie he was making when he died 14 years ago. The Oscar nominee was hoping that "Beautiful Blue Eyes," which opens today,

would be the one to finally win him an Oscar. Scheider portrayed a Holocaust survivor determined to exact revenge on the Nazis who murdered his family in 2007.

He lived in Poland for two months while making the movie. The final day of filming was supposed to last four hours before Scheider boarded a flight back to the United States.

.But the production had moved to Germany, and a problem at the border between the two countries meant that the actor was 45 minutes late to the set. Newton told The Post, "The

film had lines all over it, so we had to do it again." "One of the sensors on the camera was broken, so it couldn't be used."

Scheider was already on the plane, but he agreed to do the scene again later. Before the actor could fly back to Germany, though, he was in an

accident at home that brought back his cancer, which had been in remission. "No one knew how sick Roy was, but we knew he couldn't travel,

so we planned to move the set to him in the United States," Newton said. The main part of the scene was a truck that we were moving over. Roy seemed happy,

and one thing we talked about was how he wanted the movie to be called "Beautiful Blue Eyes," even though it was supposed to be called "Iron Cross" at first.