Even though the Giants are out of the playoff race, manager Gabe Kapler is using the last month of the season to remind his players that the remaining games still matter.

"Everyone has something to lose and something to gain," Kapler said. "I think there's a way for us to finish strong that will give us a great start for '23, and I

think we're all focused on that and taking it seriously." In September, the Giants should try to keep Arizona from gaining third place in the NL West and finish the season at or above.500.

To get to 81 wins, they would have to go 17-13 in their last 30 games, which start Monday night at Dodger Stadium.  

For each player, it could be money, playing time, personal praise, or a mix of these three things.

The Simpsons: Bart will spend the last month of the season solidifying the changes that have helped him turn things around at the plate.

He is set to come back from a concussion on Tuesday. Since July 6, when Bart came back from a month at Triple-A with a new swing,

he has hit.283 and hit six of his 10 home runs for the season. If Bart had enough at-bats to count, his.803 OPS since July 6 would make him the 10th best

catcher in the major leagues. If he keeps this up for the last month of the season, the Giants can feel good about their future at home plate in 2023.  

Brinson, Lewis: Brinson, who is 28, used to be a top prospect and was picked in the first round.

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