First-ever Warframe anime announces 50th free warframe

The next Veilbreaker update will add Styanax, which is based on ancient Greek warriors.
Digital Extremes, the company that makes Warframe(opens in new tab), is getting into anime with its first-ever animated short film, “An Introduction to Styanax,” which will be free for all players for a limited time.

Warframe anime announces 50th free warframe

Styanax is a “mighty and herculean” warframe that was modeled after ancient Greek warriors. This can be seen in the design and abilities of the Warframe:

The main gun

Afentis: Styanax’s speargun is just as strong as he is. If you throw Afentis at an enemy, it will get stuck, and other enemies will also be stunned. To make a field that helps allies, throw Afentis on the ground. When an ally boosted by Afentis kills an enemy, the boost lasts for a short time after the ally leaves the battlefield.

Syandana Lanex

A syandana for the brave. Warframe’s Syandana is basically what Warframe calls back bling.]

The Javelin Axios

The Axios Javelin can be called upon. When Styanax throws his javelin at an enemy, it moves away. When the javelin throws an enemy into a wall, a burst of damage is done to the area.

Tharros Strike

Call up Tharros, Styanax’s shield. Use Tharros’s swing to push enemies away and weaken their shields and armour. Styanax heals himself when he hits an enemy.

Gathering Place

Get the enemy to focus on Styanax. Allies close to him get a boost from his resolve, which restores their energy and shields. The number of enemies near Styanax makes the shield heal faster.

The Last Stand

Be strong and brave. Get up in the air and throw a bunch of Axios Javelins at once. When the javelins hit nearby enemies, they do damage to them. Hits that go straight at an enemy do even more damage.

The Greeks destroyed Troy

Astyanax was Hector’s young son. When the Greeks destroyed Troy, they threw him off the city walls to his death. The Greeks probably had good reason to worry about the whole “vengeance” thing. (It’s not exactly a picture of a strong hoplite charging the Persian lines, but the name is pretty cool, so I think we can overlook that.)

After the release of the Veilbreaker update, which Digital Extremes showed off in today’s devstream, Styanax will be free for all Warframe players for a limited time (how long is still unknown) (opens in new tab).

Grineer Kahl-175

The fan-favorite Grineer Kahl-175 will also return in Veilbreaker as a playable character in a new quest that takes place after the events of the New War update. There will also be a bunch of new weekly missions that let players raise Kahl’s rank and get new customization items.

The Veilbreaker update for Warframe will be released in September. At this point, no date has been given, but you can learn more at (opens in a new tab).


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