Vince Zampella claims Battlefield 2042 strayed too far

Vince Zampella, who runs Respawn Entertainment and is in charge of the Battlefield series, has talked about how Battlefield 2042 was received and why it didn’t do well, saying that it “strayed too far from” the series’ roots.

When it came out last year, Battlefield 2042 had a lot of technical problems and some controversial design choices. As a result, players on Steam quickly gave it mostly bad reviews.

Since then, Battlefield 2042’s developer, DICE, has continued to fix and add to the game’s weak foundation, but it often feels like it’s too little, too late. Even the game’s publisher, EA, said that the game’s sales “did not meet expectations” and that “some of the design choices we made did not resonate with everyone in our community.” 
Vince Zampella, who is in charge of the Battlefield series, has now said what he thinks is wrong with Battlefield 2042. He told the financial news site Barrons (thanks VGC), “I think they just went a little too far from what Battlefield is.”

Vince Zampella claims Battlefield 2042 strayed

Zampella added more, bringing up the now-defunct 128-player Breakthrough mode from Battlefield 2042 “They tried to do a few things that might have been too much, like increasing the number of players and so on. I don’t think they thought about what makes that fun enough. “

“It’s not a bad idea in and of itself,” he said. “Because of how they were set up and how they did things, they just couldn’t find the best thing.”

In the wake of the commercial and critical failure of Battlefield 2042, EA has said that it is rethinking “from the ground up” how the series is made. More recently, it has said that it is “coordinating multiple studios to build a connected Battlefield universe.”

Battlefield 2042 is still being worked on by DICE, which recently released season two, which was well received by most people.


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