United States Secret Service: Was told at least once before Jan. 6, 2021

Two emails, at least one of which was sent before January 6, 2021, told agency employees to save data on their cellphones before their systems were reset to their original state and texts were lost.

The United States Secret Service official

A senior Secret Service official said that employees received at least one email before Jan. 6, 2021, reminding them to keep records on their cellphones, including text messages, before their devices were “restored to factory settings” and texts were lost as part of a planned reset and replacement program for the whole agency.

Last week, the special House intelligence committee looking into the riot at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, sent a subpoena to the Secret Service for text messages from January 5 and 6, 2021. A person who knows about the situation told NBC News on Tuesday that the Secret Service does not have any more text messages to give.

The first email about keeping records came from the Secret Service’s Office of Program Management in December 2020. The second came from the agency’s chief information officer in January 2021, but the source didn’t give exact dates. The top Secret Service official said that both emails reminded federal workers that it is their job to keep their records safe and gave them instructions on how to do so.

The Department of State Security Inspector

According to the Secret Service official and another senior DHS official, these emails came before and had nothing to do with Feb. 26, 2021, request from the Department of State Security Inspector General to keep communications, including text messages, from Jan. 5 and 6, 2021.

When the Inspector General asked for the records, more than a month after the attack on the Capitol, the Secret Service official said that the information had already been lost.

The exact dates that Congress and the inspector general asked for records and the exact date that cellphone records were lost are not known. The National Archives is looking into the timeline.

On Tuesday night at the Aspen Security Forum, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that the Secret Service would help the Jan. 6 committee and others find out what happened with the missing text messages.


Trymaine Lee from MSNBC asked Mayorkas if he thought the texts were deleted by accident. In response, Mayorkas said, “The migration was planned well before January 2021.” This was in reference to a data migration that the Secret Service says caused the deletions. “I think the facts will come out, and we’ll deal with them as we learn them or as we continue to learn them.” We’ll learn from it. “

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Are the FBI and the Secret Service the same thing?

No, The FBI is a separate organization that looks into federal crimes. The Secret Service is a federal law enforcement agency that looks out for the president, the first lady, and other important people.

How do I become a part of the Secret Service?

You can’t join the Secret Service directly, but you can do so through the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Who is in charge of the Secret Service?

James M. Murray is in charge of the Secret Service right now.

What ranks above the Secret Service?

The Coast Guard of the United States.

Why do people who work in secret wear sunglasses?

Some people think that sunglasses keep the sun’s UV rays from hurting their eyes. Some people think that agents look more mystical or dangerous when they wear sunglasses.


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