UFC 277 Orion Cosce: First UFC Win Over Blood Diamond

One of the competitors in the welterweight fight that was supposed to start off the preliminary card for UFC 277 on Saturday was unable to make weight, which threw a wrench into the already complicated situation. That would be Orion Cosce, who had to fight at a catchweight because he was 1.5 pounds overweight for his fight against Mike Mathetha, also known as “Blood Diamond.”

Latest UFC 277 fight

Both Cosce and Blood Diamond, who has been scheduled for fights in the UFC on two previous occasions, will now be looking for their first victory in the promotion. The bout would proceed.

It wouldn’t be a simple evening for whoever came out on top.

After putting their gloves together, both competitors moved to the center of the octagon. The fight started off with a low kick from Blood Diamond, which was immediately followed by a high kick from Cosce. Blood Diamond was successful with a front kick and blocked a hook that Cosce attempted to land. Diamond attempted a takedown, but Cosce was able to defend against it. Diamond was forced up against the fence by Cosce.

At around the two-minute mark, Diamond completed the takedown on Cosce. Cosce successfully executed a trip takedown, but Diamond was able to fight back and get up. Another takedown was scored by Cosce, but this time he maintained his position by moving into side control. Diamond rose to his feet with fewer than sixty seconds remaining on the clock. Cosce was successful in executing a belly-to-back suplex, but he did not capitalise on his advantage. After the conclusion of the round, the two combatants found themselves back in the middle of the octagon.

Orion Cosce vs Blood Diamond

The second round started off with a low kick from Blood Diamond. Blood Diamond was forced to clinch after being hit by a punch delivered by Cosce thirty seconds into the round. Blood Diamond was positioned against the fence by Cosce. After roughly 20 seconds, they switched places with one another. Cosce connected with an elbow from the clinch two minutes into the second round of the fight.

After some time, Blood Diamond was able to get away and deliver a body kick. Two minutes remained on the clock, and both men appeared to be quite exhausted. Blood Diamond landed on Cosce took damage from an elbow and a front kick. During the break, Diamond scored a knockout blow against Cosce with a spinning back fist, and Galaxy responded with a back fist of her own. Cosce was shaken up, but Diamond was able to secure the win. Blood Diamond connected with a knee that hurt Cosce as well, and he started to light up his rival after the blow. By clinching with Diamond, Cosce was able to stay alive.

Struggling for energy

Both competitors appeared to be struggling for energy as the third round began. After Cosce landed a punch, Blood Diamond immediately countered with a punch of his own. After pinning Diamond against the fence for the second time, Cosce finished the takedown. Blood Diamond was able to get back up on his feet, but there were still three minutes left on the clock when Cosce jumped on Blood Diamond’s back.

They would proceed downward again. Diamond resisted Cosce’s attempt to put him in an arm triangle position. The round came to a close with Cosce maintaining complete control over Blood Diamond.

The verdict is in, and Orion Cosce has prevailed over Blood Diamond thanks to a unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

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