Turtle beach recon 50x/recon 50p Review

The Turtle Beach Recon 50X is a good gaming headset for under $100. These headphones have a sound that is mostly well-balanced but is a little noisy and has good bass. Since they are wired, they are also light, and there is no latency when playing games or watching movies. Their build quality isn’t as good as other models in their price range, and they won’t last as long. They don’t fit well on everyone, which makes them a bit uncomfortable and not very good at blocking out sound. Note that we tested the Xbox One version of this headset, but we think the Recon 50P PS4 version will have the same results.

Our Verdict about recon 50x/recon 50p

Mixed Usage

The Turtle Beach Recon 50x headphones are below average for mixed-use. They are a good choice for gaming because they have a good boom mic and a wired connection with low latency. Unfortunately, they are made of cheap plastic and don’t feel very durable. They also don’t fit well, which causes a lot of seal problems and makes them a bad choice for loud, noisy places. They also won’t be as useful as some of the other gaming headsets we’ve tried because their audio cables don’t reach as far as some of the others.


  • The sound quality isn’t too bad.
  • a very good microphone.


  • Poor construction.
  • It fits awkwardly over the ear.
  • bad at keeping out noise.
  • The bass delivery is very different between users. His glasses hurt his eyes.

Neutral sound.

adequate for a neutral listen these headphones aren’t the most comfortable to listen to for long periods of time, but on the plus side, they sound pretty good. They have good bass that goes on for a long time and treble that isn’t too sharp. The high-bass/low-mid bump does make them sound a little muddy and crowded, though. They won’t be great for more neutral listeners because they have a muddy sound and can’t create a good soundstage, but for most listeners and gaming, they should sound good enough.


bad headphones for people who commute. The Turtle Beach Recon 50X and 50P don’t have any active features and don’t have noise cancellation, so they can’t block out the noise of a busy subway platform or a bus engine.


Headphones for sports that aren’t very good. They have average stability and won’t fall off during quick movements, but they are a bit bulky and could get in the way during workouts. Since they are wired, the cord will get in the way when you’re working out hard.

Office Use

headphones that aren’t very good for use at work in an office. They aren’t too bad for comfort, but they are a bit big and get warm after a while. They don’t leak too much, so you can listen without disturbing your neighbors.

The game without wires.

  • This gaming headset has to be plugged into work.

Playing Wired Games

Good headphones for video games. The Turtle Beach Recon 50X/50P makes a decent sound that works well for in-game sound effects and deep bass, but the voice isn’t as clear. The microphone that can be taken off does a great job of recording. They are wired, so there is no latency, but unlike many other gaming headphones, they don’t have any ways to change how they work.


The Turtle Beach Recon 50X doesn’t look very good. The mic can be taken off, which makes them look more casual and lets you use them outside. But the bright colors, lack of padding, and plasticky construction don’t make it look very good. The stereo audio cable is attached to each ear cup and cannot be taken off, which can be a bit annoying. On the plus side, they have oval ear cups that are a good size and a thin headband that stays out of the way once they are on your head.


  • 0.4-pound weight

Holding Power

  • 0.9 lbs.

The Turtle Beach Recon 50X doesn’t fit as well around the ears as the Turtle Beach Stealth 300 or some of the other gaming headsets we’ve tried. The ear cups look pretty big and are pretty well cushioned, but the pads are hard and the opening they make isn’t big enough for everyone. The headband isn’t very padded, but because the headphones aren’t too heavy, you won’t notice it as much. For long gaming sessions, they won’t be the most comfortable to wear. Check out the Turtle Beach Recon 70 if you want a more comfortable headset from Turtle Beach.


  • OS Compatibility
  • Not about an OS.
  • Good Usability
  • Good feedback
  • Call and Music No. Controls
  • Yes, volume control is available.
  • Yes, you can control the mic.
  • Mixing up channels
  • No
  • Control for getting rid of noise: N/A
  • Talk-Through
  • N/A
  • No to More Buttons

The Turtle Beach Recon 50X/50P and the Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset both have a pretty simple way to control games. Also, the volume dial is responsive and easy to use, but it doesn’t have distinct notches. On the plus side, the dial has clear stops, so you can tell by touch when the volume is at its highest level. The microphone also has a very simple switch to turn it on and off. Unfortunately, their cable isn’t detachable, so they don’t have an alternative control scheme that works better on mobile. This is a little disappointing since you can remove the mic and use them outside like regular casual headphones.

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Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50 Gaming Headset

Temperature Difference: 4.9 °C on average

For over-ear headphones, the Turtle Beach Recon 50X are pretty breathable, mostly because they don’t seal the ears as well in their cups. They rest on some ears, which makes them a bit cooler to wear on average than some other closed-back gaming headsets with non-porous pads. They won’t be the best choice for more strenuous activities, but if you can get used to how they fit, they should be fine for casual listening and gaming.


  • 6.4 “
  • W 5.2″
  • H 3″
  • 99 in3 volume

No need for a transmitter

These headphones do not fold up into a smaller size. The ear cups do lay flat, but it doesn’t save much space and makes them a lot wider because of how the cups are angled. Unfortunately, this means that, like most gaming headsets, they won’t be easy to carry around with you, and since they don’t come with a case or pouch, they won’t be great to throw in your backpack either. If you want something that is much easier to carry around, check out the Turtle Beach Battle Buds, a unique in-ear option.


There is no case type.

  • L N/A
  • W N/A
  • H N/A
  • Volume N/A
  • There is no case or pouch with these headphones.

Make things good.

The build quality feels cheap and plasticky, and it won’t last as long as some of the other gaming headsets we’ve tried. The plastic used for the headband feels cheap and flimsy, and the cable can’t be taken off. If it breaks, you’ll have to buy a new headset. On the plus side, they aren’t too heavy because of how fragile they are, and the ear cups are thick enough that a few drops won’t hurt them. The microphone also feels pretty sturdy and a bit more high-end than the rest of the build. Overall, they aren’t the worst made but compared to headphones like the HyperX Cloud Stinger, they feel more like toys.


The Turtle Beach Recon 50X is about as stable as most headphones. They’re just tight enough on the head that they don’t move around much, and since they’re not too heavy, the ear cups don’t slide or move around as much as some of the heavier gaming headsets. The cable can’t be taken off, so if it gets caught on something, it will pull the headphones right off your head.

The Box

  • The Turtle Beach Recon 50X/50P is a surveillance camera. In the box illustration
  • Headphones by Turtle Beach called the Recon 50X
  • Detachable mic
  • Manual
  • Consistency of Frequency Response
  • Standard deviation
  • 1.8 dB

The Turtle Beach Recon 50X doesn’t have a consistent frequency response. At 20Hz, there is more than a 24dB difference between the five people we tested in the bass range. This is very important and easy to see. Even at 100Hz, there is more than a 12dB difference between different users. On the other hand, the treble range sounds good and stays the same.

Bass precision.

  • Std. Err.
  • 2.75 dB
  • Extension with Low Frequency
  • 10 Hz
  • Low-Bass
  • -1.06 dB
  • Mid-Bass
  • 0.59 dB
  • High-Bass
  • 4.71 dB

The bass is great on the Turtle Beach Recon 50X/50P. LFE, which stands for “low-frequency extension,” has a frequency of 10Hz, which is excellent. The low bass, which is what gives bass-heavy music its thump and rumble, is within 1 dB of our neutral target. The mid-bass, which gives bass guitars their body and gives kick drums their punch, is also within 1 dB of our goal, which is great. But the high bass, which gives the sound warmth, is almost 5 dB too loud. This makes the bass sound heavy and muddy. Also, the bass sound varies a lot from person to person and depends on how well they fit, how well they seal, and whether or not you wear glasses. This response shows the average bass response, but what you hear may be different.

About Right

  • Std. Err.
  • 4.41 dB
  • Low-Mid
  • 6.19 dB
  • Mid-Mid
  • 3.86 dB
  • High-Mid
  • -0.41 dB

The reproduction in the middle range is about average. The response is pretty even and balanced across the range, but there is a 5dB tilt toward lower frequencies that continues the high-bass bump. This makes the vocals sound thicker and makes the whole thing sound a little more cluttered.

Accuracy times three.

  • Std. Err.
  • 4.1 dB
  • Low-Treble
  • -2.62 dB
  • Mid-Treble
  • -3.13 dB
  • High-Treble
  • -6.82 dB

The treble is better than average. Across the treble range, the response is pretty even and balanced. The low treble is underemphasized by more than 2dB, which, combined with the 10dB dip at 5KHz, makes vocals and instruments sound a little less clear and bright. On the plus side, the response in the sibilance range (6kHz-10kHz) is well-balanced, so S and T sounds won’t be too sharp.


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