Trying VIRAL TIKTOK leggings | Affordable Amazon leggings review

Trying VIRAL TIKTOK leggings. Famous TikTok Leggings, Yoga Pants for Women High Waist Tummy Control Booty Bubble Hip Lifting Workout Running Tights.

Trying VIRAL TIKTOK leggings

what is up you guys welcome back to the
websites it’s about that time we get on the trend
I’m a little bit late if you’re on tick
tock you already know what I’m talking
about wrong way
they went freaking viral these dang
tick tock you don’t stop leggings baby
girl I’m being honest with you a few
years back I actually tried this style
of legging

pretty much hated it but now that
they’re like hot and known as like
tick-tock leggings now like tik-tok
actually kind of like took over
uh so now that that occurred I got to
retest them out and try them out
a little bit I think this article is just
for fun I uh don’t really know how I feel about
TikTok as it is
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because together we got this baby let’s
check out these saucy saucy

Royal blue beautiful TIKTOK leggings

okay guys so you already know the drill
okay everything will be linked down
below my measurements are down below for
all of these leggings are from amazon
and they’re a size small my true size
so from testing them out, they seem
pretty true to size okay
all right guys so I got three tick tock
leggings okay
uh we got this royal blue beautiful blue color
from the brand, bae is going to help me
out because I don’t know what’s what
satires okay then
we got this gorgeous like valentine’s
day happy valentine’s day by the way a red

is a luscious luxurious sexual red
yeah from the brand zit times
data may okay all day babe and then last
but not least i
had to freak get I had to obviously
you know I’m crazy like that
i want it to look like a carnival
so this one is a rainbow burst in your
face from the brand
cross 1946

okay cross 1946 thank you very much
so tic tac leggings are just like the
staple leggings that all look the same
millions of different companies are
selling them right now but they’re all
pretty much the same damn thing
let’s be real they’re all a super

Booty scrunches TIKTOK leggings

compression is moderate at best but very
low compression which is why it makes a
peach pop plumps the dump so nicely
because there’s literally
nothing really shrinking you in and
pushing you in and hiding your goods
these fall over you and just the
seams really work
in your favor in certain aspects you’re
gonna see that the booty scrunches on
this just kind of sucks up into the crack in the crevices
really nicely they all have a beautiful signature
ultra scrunch

butts also have a super unique
texture to them I used to call these
back in the day
mermaid leggings because they are from far
away they look like scales on a
freaking mermaid
these are all high-waisted leggings they
all have like a band on it
a super like thin minimal rubber band
inside an elastic band inside the actual band
this helps to secure them to stay
up a little bit
but these aren’t something I’m going to
work out in no freaking way
no way Jose like that’s nuts I see why
they’d be great for TIKTOK

Really comfortable TIKTOK leggings

because they pop and they’re
eye-catching I might practice some yoga
at home because they are
really comfortable but that’s about it
girl but if
you want to wear them to the gym girl
you do the damn thing to get that attention
make it known that you are owning them
are very comfortable like I said
but I would reconsider girl because just
like it really really
makes the peach look brilliant it also
does the same
the dang thing to the front of you the front of
chew girl it is not just camel toe nation
up in this here legging, it is camel toe

why it is pretty extravagant
in a not so flattering way i mean to the
point where
i couldn’t wear this around anybody that
i know personally
um if my dad saw me in these leggings
he’d probably disown me but
hey dad if you’re watching this is just
for youtube i really do
like the scrunch on these though because
it is such a
you almost don’t know that they’re
actually scrunched because the texture
of the leggings just distract the hell out of you
so you’re too focused on the texture of
the leggings to notice that they
are uh one hell of a scrunch butt
they’re very lightweight

Crazy noticeable TIKTOK leggings

because they are so non-compressive
they’re not like
super dense leggings but they are made
out of polyester and spandex
so you have like a somewhat warmth to it
because they do have like that thickness
in a way but they’re very lightweight
and the stretch is unreal it’s like a
freaking accordion up in here
you see that I’m making music over here
so lengthwise I’m five foot three they
did run a little bit long
but it’s not the end of the world okay
it’s not the end of the world you just
roll them up a little bit
they are all actually swat proof so you

in fact, wear them to the gym and you
should be a-okay with how
thick of the texture, it is I’m kind of
not surprised because it makes sense to
be pretty squat proof
i don’t think you have to worry about
crazy noticeable
cellulite either they’re not compressive
so they’re not going to hide the cellulite
but the texture is definitely like
raised enough
so that I don’t think you would really
see a crazy amount

Affordable Amazon leggings review

so you should be okay in that department
so in a sense, it’s kind of
kind of nice to have low compression
leggings that can kind of conceal and
help you out like that in a way
they might trap a little bit of heat
maybe a little but they should be pretty wicking
you can feel it there that are
wicking tendencies so I think you should be okay
so these are fun these are definitely fun
they ain’t seamless dough but you know
what do you expect okay
these blue royal blue that’s what I’m
gonna go electric

blue they were 18.99 so they were by far
the least expensive one of the bunch and
in all actuality, I think they’re my favorite
too I feel like they look the most flattering
on me I think the color is suitable and
I just feel like
overall if I had to pick out a bunch you
can’t go wrong with this
to be honest with you I don’t think
tick-tock leggings should be more than
(price maybe change when you buy) bucks
that’s just me these flame fiery fiesta red

Carnival leggings TIKTOK

leggings were (price maybe change when you buy) dollars so we’re
getting a little
oh pricey here on the TIKTOK but lastly okay
get this these carnival leggings were 31
freaking we got up into the 30s girl
31 and you want to know the worst part
of that is
they came in with a freaking hole in
oh i when I saw that I was like
is this a pocket or something I should
know about but um
no in fact it came ripped it’s just
ripped from the seam from the band
this looks all sorts of all over
a place for 31. you took my (price maybe change when you buy) bucks
and you gave me a hole in anger you

is lucky that you’re prime backed
because you are going back
right now after this article, I’m returning yo ass
so yeah guys let me know what you think
about these leggings and if you’ve tried
them out for yourself or do
want to try them so you already know
what I’m thinking okay
winner winner chicken dinner with the
royal blue best bang for your buck in my

Amazon for the win okay guys thank you
so much for reading
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we got this baby you.

♡MY MEASUREMENTS: SMALL in (almost) everything!

*Height: 5′ 3″
*Bust: 31″
*Waist: 25″
*Hips: 37″
*Inseam: 25″


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