Trump has ‘extreme difficulty’ with his speech on January 6

CNN has heard from sources familiar with the committee’s plans that at Thursday’s hearing, the footage will be shown of then-President Donald Trump having trouble recording a message to his supporters on January 8, 2021, the day after the Capitol riot.

Trump’s speech on the day after January 6

The Washington Post was the first to report on the outtakes. They were part of making a speech that Trump gave the night after the riot. They show that Trump was having a hard time getting the message on tape. But Trump wouldn’t say that the election was over, and he tried to call the rioters patriots. He also went out of his way not to say that they had done anything wrong. The January 6 select committee’s spokesman didn’t want to say anything about the outtakes.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland who is on the committee, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Wednesday night that the panel has the outtakes and will show some of them at the hearing.

Raskin said on “Anderson Cooper 360” that the President had a very hard time finishing his speech.

Donald Trump statements

“The way he made those statements is very revealing, and we’re going to show parts of that to everyone,” he said.

Rep. Adam Schiff, another committee member, told CNN’s Don Lemon later on Wednesday that the outtakes “will be important in terms of what the President was willing to say and what he wasn’t willing to say.”

The Democrat from California said that the outtakes would show “all of the people who are telling him to do something to stop the violence.” You’ll hear more about how he was finally convinced to say something, what he was willing to say, and what he wasn’t. You’ll also hear about the President’s terrible silence. “

Trump did nothing while the Capitol

The outtakes from the videos will be part of a larger presentation in which the committee will talk about how Trump didn’t pay attention to the riot that was going on. The committee has said that it will look at the 187 minutes when Trump did nothing while the Capitol was under attack. Some committee members have said that Trump has “failed to do his job.”

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, an Illinois Republican who is retiring and one of the two Republicans on the select committee, gave a sneak peek at some of the footage from the depositions that will be shown at the hearing on Thursday morning. During a crisis, Trump sat in the White House dining room and watched TV, according to several of his staff members in a video montage.

Kinzinger wrote on Twitter, “Donald Trump is a shame for the United States.”


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