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Tous Jewelry | The jewelry that increases your beauty

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Hello guys welcome to my website my name

is Abdul Rehman and the name of my website is this is

not your first time then welcome back in

this article I’m gonna be sharing with you

all the truly items that I brought with

me to my recent trip to San Francisco every time I

upload article okay if I’m doing a trip

here in Puerto Rico or you know like a

shorter version of a trip and it’s

closed by a year then I will take more

surely with me if I could but also

always carry with me all the time if I

do that then I will take this type of

cases so I’m also showing you how I

travel and what I carry with me this I

go from my concept store a few years ago

and then also recently I got this or two

loop carry with me for example when I go

into my parents house etc then I love to

travel by plane with this type of

jewelry cases which I think they are

very handy it was gifted to me by a

friend of mine if you purchased a goal

and this section right here is to place

necklaces over here you have a sipper

compartment and then this section right

here which is to place earrings and then

by here this rod is for pouring

Civil pouch

And then finally there’s a civil pouch

here at the end where I typically put

watches when I travel so I really like

this case it’s by American Eagle as you

can see there and it’s very handy to

carry things with me when I’m doing

longer trips so I really love this item

for my recent trip to San Francisco what

I brought with me is this pouch so

everything that I brought with me to San

Francisco is right here and I think in

fact that both of these were given to me

by my my friend the same friend so it

she knows me very well okay so let me

show you the context of everything that

I brought to San Francisco so I’m gonna

open this so you could take a look so

everything is right there so I’m gonna

start first with its pouch as you can

see I think to use the Pandora pouches

and then also you will see that I use

plastic totes little plot twists back so

Halo necklace very pretty

let me show you what I brought with me

in Pandora hose I brought this bangle I

really love it this is in Pandora rose

in this pouch I think I also have a few

rings so I tend to leave my ring loose

in the pouch one thing I believe my book

three I’m gonna show you the tree I got

so the first one that I broke is this

one the halo so I think it matches

really nicely with that bangle

I also brought with me the JC the day

Surinder soon they’ll see and then also

this bomb right here

from regard from fluid collection

and then also does empty I also got in

here a necklace and a pair of earrings

so these are the events that I brought with me

the halo ones with this necklace which I

also, call it the halo necklace very pretty

okay so dust everything in that pouch

Rose glass bracelet

Rose glass bracelet

let me place it right there all

right and then also another piece that I

bring with me is my moment

Pandora Rose with a rose glass bracelet

this is what I had currently on it okay

I think I have a picture on my Instagram

of the bracelet so I will press it right

there okay I’m gonna show you my next a

the pouch which is this one in here I have

everything that I brought that is true tones

so I will start with my two-tone

signature bangle which is the same one

as this one but in two tones I really

love this collection so I’m very happy

to have them both so let me place it

right there then I’m gonna show you the

rings that I brought on this trip I had

these four wings I have this one which

is a two-tone with the heart I tend to

use get that one on this finger so

that’s one of them okay then I also

brought with me the matching ring of

Signature Collection

that open bite one that I just showed

you this is this

to Pandora two-tone green so I think you

know I love it to be instead of that one

I also brought with me this beauty which

is the petite bell ringing I like you

very much and then I also go with me

this means that I have had for many years

which is known as Pandora but I really love

it to stack it with this one so that’s

what I have it with me and then I have

some pouches here the first one that I

have it’s also related to that Signature

Collection I have mentioned in the past

that I really love it so the first thing

I have is a pair of earrings and then

also as you know I got recently

it’s that comb charm of these which I

use it this one has a pendant and then I

have one on a bracelet so I use it

except pendant and I love it so as you

2-tone collection

Can see I like to bring my set so with

that one I have that set for the open

bangle and the ring and then finally the

the last item that I have here is my petit

Lokan so in here what I probably for

this trip is distributing the does

being basically the shine AP and then

this I would say like pearly but I think

it’s actually enameled heart so I

typically wear these as I stuck with the

pendant related to the Pandora signature

2-tone collection okay with that I’m

finished with this second pouch and then

I also have a moment bracelet related to

that collection and I don’t want to

choke as much because and this is a

bracelet that I’m working

what I’m gonna show you is that I have

because I was traveling and I brought that on

on this trip I bought the Arizona

dangles that I already showed you

exclusive to Arizona as well as the one

from New Mexico so I decided to play

them on this bracelet which is the same

Tones Jewelry

one with the clasp as the signature

2-tone collection so eventually I’m

gonna show you what I’m working on in

here okay and then the last set I will

say that I brought with me is from the

brand toes so this is the first time

that I’m gonna show something of my toes collection

I’m a very fan of Pandora’s you can tell

but also I love toes so this i dint of

most of them that I’m gonna show you

here have been with me for many many

years and I’m gonna tell you more about

deep because I love it a lot and I

typically bring this with me in one my

trips and in fact most of the time I’m

actually wearing it as soon as I leave

my house when I take they plan etc so

the first pouch I’m gonna show you is

this one so I have this little pouch

inside that big one because I like to

separate my items a little bit and the

Onyx wear earrings

Onyx wear earrings

first thing I’m gonna show you is a pair

of earrings and the one I’m talking

about is this ones the they are the toes

onyx wear earrings these are from the classic collection

I got these earrings probably about 10

years ago I’m not kidding I had never

cleaned them to be honest and you will see in the back

this is a little bit terrier so yeah so

that’s the first thing I have if you

want to see my toast collection in

details I can do before you want to do a

little bit more about it because I

really like it I really like the service

that they offer it that warranty is

basically like basically lifetime so if

you have some problem the only thing

that you have to do it just bring it to

the store they have everything in the

computer and they were just only charge

shipping it they have to send it to

Earring collection

Spain because they are originally from

Spain so I really like this table the

next thing I have him here is a pendant

so even though that I said that the

earrings I got them 10 years ago I

finally decided to get the pendant and I

just got it last year is you can see I’m

gonna show you a little bit there’s a

little bit of a difference between the

actual bears this one is much much

thinner compared to the one from the

earrings I don’t know if you will be

able to tell but I really love it

I am wearing it this one is by Pandora

so I have this chain that I really like

and why can you do it that is I’m

wearing this toasted I have the chain in

here otherwise I will you say with the

Pretty bracelets

Pretty bracelets

the signature pendant that I show you okay

so those I get two items I had on this

pouch so now it’s empty here and then

I’m gonna show you the rest of what I have

here the first thing that I have is

the ring of that set I typically wear the ring on this

Oh son showing it to you the way let me

take this out so that’s the ring-like

really lovin is also in onyx I got this

ring about ten years ago I think about

Thursday evening and maybe a few months

after I got the ring as you see it you

see the difference in the size and then

I also have a bracelet that I tend to

use with that said which is this one

he also has an onyx pair the pearl and

then is a string with this purse over

here probably around the same time I put

those may be nineteen years ago and I

like to stock that with my Pandora a

essence million bracelets which I have

Tones jewelry review

this spinning strange charm and I really

think it looks lovely with this with

this onyx collection from toes I think

that’s it this is everything that I

brought with me from my dream to San

Francisco, some people might say it’s a

a lot but you know I a girl’s gotta do

what I gotta do

so I really hope that you enjoyed this

article I will see you

in the next one thank you very much


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