Touch screen vs TFT display | Top 5 Samsung Tablets

Samsung has a wide range of impressive tablets to choose from, and several of their offerings deliver enough processing power to handle everything from basic tasks like browsing the web or streaming to more demanding processes like gaming or creating content.

what’s up folks in this article we’re
breaking down the five best Samsung
tablets in 2022. I’ve made this list
based on performance battery life price
and more I’ve included options for every
type of consumer so whether you’re
looking for an affordable model that can
stream online videos or a premium option
that can handle just about any task
we’ll have the best Samsung tablet for
you if you want more information and the
most up-to-date pricing on the products
we mentioned being sure to check the links
in the down below okay.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

so let’s get started with the article
first up we have an impressive
all-around tablet that offers a stunning
high-resolution display and enough power
to handle almost any demanding task the
Samsung galaxy tab s7 is a great option
to consider the Samsung tab s7 is one of
samsung’s most powerful options and it
comes with a modern powerful processor
that can handle just about anything you
could expect outstanding picture quality
and several additional software features
to keep you productive you get a sleek
relatively lightweight design that comes

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

with a sturdy metal frame for added
impact resistance but it also has razor
thin bezels that provide more screen
space when working or watching media on
the back it has an integrated magnetic
strip that can conveniently store the s
pen stylus but the magnet is somewhat
weak and might not provide the most
secure storage it also offers an 11 inch
TFT display
with a smooth 120 hertz
refresh rate and a stunning 2560 by 1600
resolution which produces accurate
colors impressive brightness and a
clearer sharper image than a cheaper
models like the s6 lite on the inside.

Specification and Features

It utilizes six gigabytes of ram and a
powerful Qualcomm snapdragon 865 plus
chipset to capably handle almost any
task you could reasonably expect
including intensive multitasking mobile
gaming and running demanding creative
applications for editing the battery is
also impressive and can reliably deliver
around 13 hours of runtime on a single
charge so it should be able to last for
the entire day it also ships with
android 10 and Samsung’s one UI 2.5 and
they provide some useful features
including wireless decks to support
external monitors a notes app that can
sync with your other devices the ability
to answer calls and texts and more.

The Samsung galaxy tab s7 is a great option
because of its outstanding battery life
impressive build quality and powerful
processor that can nail demanding tasks
better than lower-end options like the
a7 lite if you don’t need all the latest
features and would prefer a tablet that
delivers responsive versatile
performance across the board this might
be your best bet for anyone.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Who wants a quality Samsung
tablet that can get the job done
effectively and outperform its price tag
the Samsung galaxy tab s6 lite is my
choice as the best option for the money
in 2022 although it isn’t the newest or
most powerful option on the market the
Samsung galaxy tab s6 lite is still a
solid value option that offers
impressive battery life and good
performance with daily tasks for a lower

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Then, premium models, it’s made with
a robust metal frame and rear to help
protect against impact and the
lightweight build makes it comfortable
to carry around unlike the a7 tablet it
comes with an s pen stylus to add some
extra value and it offers responsive
strokes and pressure sensitivity when
taking notes or creating digital art
even more, you get a solid 10.4-inch TFT
LCL touchscreen display with 1200 by
1200 resolution and a 224 PPI pixel
density which produces a sharp clear
detailed image that’s ideal for watching
but it can lack some color
accuracy and brightness.

Specification and Features

it uses Samsung’s Exynos 9611 processor and 4
gigabytes of ram which provides enough
power to handle everyday tasks like
browsing the web like gaming and running
some demanding s pen apps like photoshop
express or Microsoft OneNote with
minimal issues or stuttering however if
you want a powerful option that can
handle demanding creative tasks the
galaxy tab s8 ultra might be a better
choice I also think the battery life is
solid for the price and you get around
12 hours of runtime on a single charge
to last throughout the work or school
day the s6 lite doesn’t have the raw
processing power of the more expensive
options on this list.

But it has a screen that’s ideal for watching content and
surprisingly versatile performance
considering the price, this is an ideal
option if you don’t want to spend too
much money but still want a powerful
tablet that can capably handle everyday
requirements like streaming or browsing
and some lighter creative applications
some users might be looking for an
inexpensive tablet that can nail the
basics like streaming video and last for
a decent amount of time the Samsung
galaxy tab a7 lite
is my choice as the
best budget Samsung tablet in 2022.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Samsung’s galaxy tab a7 lite is a decent
all-around option that costs much less
than premium options, while it’s not the
most powerful model on the market it
comes with good battery life expandable
storage and a solid display for watching
media like the other models on this list
it comes with a sturdy metal frame for
added durability but it has a much more
compact form factor that’s comfortable
to hold one-handed and it’s available in
multiple colors to match your style
unfortunately the 8.7-inch TFT display
is smaller than other options like the
tab s6 light.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

But it has an A1340x800 resolution that can produce
decent colors a reasonably clear image
and a solid viewing experience with
media, even more, it comes with a free
two-month trial for youtube premium so
you can enjoy hours of streaming without
advertisements you get four gigabytes of
ram and a MediaTek helio p22t processor
that can capably handle basic tasks like
browsing or streaming online video and
quickly switch between apps but it’s not
meant to handle intensive workflows so
power users would likely be better off
with a higher-end model like the tab s7.

Specification and Features

The battery is solid for the price and
size and it can reliably last for around
10 hours per charge to keep you
connected the storage is a bit limited
at only 32 gigabytes but it doesn’t
include much bloatware and offers a
micro sd card slot to expand the storage
as needed the Samsung galaxy tab a7 lite
isn’t meant for demanding tasks but it
offers an impressive display and a robust
build good battery life and better
performance than most other options in
the sub 150 range if you’re looking for
an inexpensive portable tablet that can
reliably stream your favorite content
this might be the ideal option for you
now for anyone.

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

who wants a high quality
Samsung tablet that offers flagship
level performance with almost any task
the Samsung galaxy tab s8 is my choice
as the best tablet for most people, Samsung’s galaxy tab s8 is one of
their latest and greatest offerings and
it comes with a stunning high resolution
display for watching media or creative
work all-day battery life and a powerful
processor that can handle just about any
requirement which makes it ideal for
most users it measures 10 by 6.5 by 0.2
inches and only weighs around 1.1 pounds
so it’s comfortable to hold and very
portable like the Samsung galaxy tab s7,

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

we mentioned earlier it has a magnetized
strip where you can conveniently store
the included s-pen accessory and USB-c
connectivity for modern accessories you
get an 11-inch led display with a 120
Hertz refresh rate for smoother
scrolling and a stunning 2560 by 1600
resolution that produces a crisp bright
and colorful image although it lacks an
AMOLED display like the s8 ultra it also
comes with facial recognition and a
fingerprint sensor in the power button
for more secure logins.

Specification and Features

It utilizes 8 gigabytes of ram and Qualcomm snapdragon
8 gen 1 chip that offers similar
processing power to the s8 ultra and
good performance with almost any
demanding requirement the battery is
also on par with other high-end Samsung
options and can last for around 13 hours
on a single charge, it runs the android
12 os with Samsung’s extensions out of
the box and it promises to provide
updates up to version 16 so you can be
sure it’s a solid long-term investment
even more, the camera quality is
impressive for a tablet though they tend
to lose detail in ultra-wide or zoomed
in shots the Samsung galaxy tab s8 is
the best choice for most people because
of its intuitive operating system sharp
colorful high-resolution display and
similar performance to the s8 ultra at a
much more accessible price this is an
ideal option if you want a tablet that
can handle anything from general
browsing or streaming to more processor
hungry creative tasks.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

if you’re looking for the Samsung tablet
that offers the best mixture of camera
performance picture quality and
processing power of the Samsung galaxy tab
s8 ultra
is my choice as the best
overall option in 2022. the Samsung
galaxy tab s8 ultra
is larger and more
expensive than the other options on this
list but you pay for quality and it
provides a large colorful OLED display
to keep you immersed and powerful
internal components for processor hungry

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

it has a nearly identical design to the previously mentioned
Samsung galaxy tab s8 but it has a
noticeably larger frame that might be
difficult to use one-handed
unfortunately, the port selection is
somewhat limited and doesn’t feature a
headphone jack but you can connect
headphones or external accessories
through the USB c port or over Bluetooth
the 14.6-inch AMOLED display is the
largest on this list and it comes with a
120 hertz refresh rate an adaptive
brightness function to combat ambient
light and a top-tier
2960×1848 resolution that’s ideal for
consuming media gaming or creative work
under the hood,

Specification and Features

It has 12 gigabytes of
ram 256 gigabytes of storage and a
snapdragon 8 gen 1 chip that can handle
demanding processor hungry tasks
applications multitasking and games
smoother than cheaper models like the s7
the battery doesn’t last as long as some
of the other models mentioned but this
is understandable considering the
massive OLED display and it can still
deliver around 10 hours of usage per
charge it has the same dual rear camera
array as the s8 and impressive picture
quality but it also comes with an
additional front-facing 12 megapixel
camera for greater versatility and
detail the s8 ultra is the best overall
option because of its outstanding

all-around performance robust build
additional cameras and larger more
vibrant display than the previously
mentioned tablets if you can afford the
price and want a powerful tablet that
can deliver a stunning viewing
experience and handle anything from
basic web streaming to demanding video
editing this might be your best choice
links to updated pricing on all products
mentioned in the article are in the down below.

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