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TOP-RATED Amazon Products

Hi guys welcome back to my website today
I’m gonna be sharing 10 awesome and
top-rated Amazon products for you guys I
filmed a similar article to this about a
a few months ago and so many of you loved
it I loved filming it I am such a sucker
for Amazon Prime and I’m always ordering
things from them so I decided to round
up ten of the most top-rated things that
I do have and I think these things are
so cool they’re so interesting so if you
just hit the see more button down below

I’ll have everything linked right there
so you can check it out further check
the pricing you can read the reviews and
like I said everything that I’m showing
today our top-rated things are
things that people absolutely love so
If you do end up ordering it I have a
the really good feeling is you’re gonna love it
because I love it too before we get
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highest rated amazon products

but it’s just crazy it’s crazy it’s
crazy but enough with me babbling let’s
just jump into the first thing because I
know that’s why you guys are all here
the first thing that I want to show you
is for all you ladies out there that are
scared of bugs myself included heck when
I saw this big freaking plastic spider
that this product was sent like that
like freaking scared me but I decided to
keep it because I knew within like a
the minute I would be showing this in a
article because this thing is so cool it’s
called my critter catcher so what you do

it’s like this long thing you can get it
in a lot of colors, I decided to go for
pink because to me this is kind of like
a girly thing and I don’t know about you
guys but when I see a spider when I see
a house centipede when I see I don’t
even care what it is I don’t like bugs
okay I don’t like bugs but I know some
of you out there in like the desert and
like warmer climates have really big
bugs occasionally we have big ones but
even little ones I still don’t like

most reviewed item on amazon

messing with so all you do is squeeze
this handle that makes this open up
and it allows you to catch the bug see
it catches the bug and then you can go
to the toilet, you can go outside if you
want to keep it alive you can do
whatever you want with it but it like
safely picks up the bug and then you can
go wherever you want and then release
the bug and dispose of it or do whatever
you want with it so this has helped me
when Josh isn’t around maybe he’s just
not home or maybe he’s on a trip like
for work or something, this has just been
a really big lifesaver it also

like a little hook so you can hang it
like in your pantry or wherever though
as soon as you see a bug you can run and
get this and you’re not trying to
smush it with a shoe which is the next
thing is kind of funny I like to keep my
The website is very clean but these are wine
condoms so this is for all of you wine
lovers out there I know there are so many
of you out there I personally am just a
copy lover but my husband does like wine
and then this is actually a gift for
a friend at work she’s obsessed with wine
and I actually saw these used by

most reviewed products on amazon

somebody else and I thought it was like
the coolest invention because when you
open a bottle of wine a lot of times you
don’t want to finish the entire bottle
and you have to like squeeze the cork
back in and you like want to put it in
the refrigerator comes in a really
nice like a little gift box and you open
it up and it’s the funniest thing they
look like little condoms and it’s kind
of weird to be talking about it on my

Website but anyway they are specifically
for wine bottle so you open it up to you
drink half the bottle of wine and you
just put the little wine condom over the
neck of the bottle and then you can
store it back in the refrigerator and it
doesn’t go bad I think these are really
well priced you can obviously get them
for yourself and keep them in your own
home or you could get them as a gift and
you could also maybe even bring them
along if you are gifting somebody wine I

best rated things on amazon

just think they’re really interesting
and really funny and it’s really cute
too in a weird way the next thing that I
want to talk about I actually ordered
because of YouTube, I started seeing
when I would edit articles I would
actually, see as a rogue nose hair like
in my nose, if you go back on some other
articles I’m sure you guys can see them
occasionally it’s like few and far
between but occasionally I can see it so
I decided to go on Amazon and I wanted
to order a nose trimmer but I found this
awesome four-in-one

shaving suite and I’ve used it many
times but I did decide to keep the box
because again if I really like something
I want to be able to show you guys so I
put it back in the box
and basically, it comes with a nose
The trimmer also comes with a skin shaver
so you could do your legs but you could
also, do your face and I’ve been talking
about derma planning a lot lately and
that is where you take off like the
peach fuzz on your face and I think some

Top reviewed products on amazon

people are really scared about doing
that but I’m telling you it makes your
skin feels so amazing and just removing
that peach fuzz from your face really
makes your makeup application so much
it also trims body hair so that’s
perfect for like the bikini line and
then finally it comes with an eyebrow
trimmer so some people have really long
eyebrows and you can really just kind of
brush through your eyebrows and it trims
them really nice and then you can go in
and really define them either with
tweezers or with this shaver probably
wouldn’t do the shaver maybe go with
tweezers so this has been surprisingly
convenient I really think this is a good
little kit for all females out there to
Having body hair isn’t that fun but this
makes it very manageable people love
this top-rated

amazing reviews and I can understand why
this next item is so cool like it’s
seriously almost magic it’s amazing so
it’s by Vaughn chef and it is a
defrosting tray now this is for people
that have frozen meat in their freezer
and they don’t have all day for the meat
to defrost this happens to us literally
like every single day we have we just
have so much meat and we don’t plan
ahead we’re very bad planners this is
actually an aluminum tray and all you do
is lay the meat out on this tray and I’m

top rated amazon products

telling you within 30 minutes sometimes
less the entire chunk of meat and I mean
big chunks of meat like thick meat will
defrost like that depending on
the thickness of the meat may be like 15
minutes you can just flip it over but
I’m telling you it works like a charm
and within like a half an hour you can
start cooking the meat and it tastes so
great there’s no chemicals there’s
nothing weird about this all it is is an
aluminum tray and just the way the heat
conducts within that metal it naturally
defrost the meat and it’s so handy and

so convenient and you just clean it and
you can actually eat the frozen meat in
your freezer without planning out your
whole life super top-rated people love
it and again very well priced I feel
like everything that I’m showing you
today is very very well priced speaking
of well priced I think I’m gonna jump to
the most expensive thing of this article which honestly to me isn’t that
expensive but I’ve been looking for a
very very good clothing steamer for ages
what was that okay so this steamer is by

Most reviewed product on amazon

pure steam it has amazing reviews I
really dated my due diligence before
finally pulling the plug and ordering a
steamer because I just wanted something
really good and now that we’re moving
into a new house, I’m going to have a
dressing room I’m going to have a
the specific section in my
some room where I can immediately and
like on-demand seems clothes I can’t tell
you how many times I pull out a shirt
for my closet and I look at it it’s too
wrinkled I don’t feel like ironing so I
put it back I have tried other handheld
steamers I have one I’ve used other
people’s and they’re okay but they don’t

really get the job done as I want them
to and so again I just don’t use it and
then I default to ironing so as I said
this is by pure steam I think it’s
around (price maybe change when you buy) which I know it’s kind of
a lot but at the same time this gets the
job done you can do anything with this
the thing you can seem like window curtains
you can steam shower curtains you can
steam thick heavy coats you can steam
anything and this will work there’s
different settings this raises up two

Top reviewers on amazon

different levels you could hang pants
right here you don’t even have to have
this one I usually don’t
I usually just hang the clothes right
there and then I just start steaming as
soon as I hit the button to turn it on
it’s usually ready to go within 30 or 40
seconds so it’s so fast and it actually
lets me wear clothes that I used to not
wear purely because I didn’t feel like
ironing them when you’re done you can
just stick it right there you can lower

it’s down and I guess that’s about it it’s
just a very professional steamer that
gets the job done so the next thing I
want to talk about is another household
an item that has made my life so much
easier I feel like most of the items in
this article even the remaining things
that I still have left to show you are
very unique very interesting this one is
not this is just a cordless vacuum so I
know this isn’t revolutionary but it’s
different than other cordless vacuums
out there and I wanted to mention it

Amazon Products

because I love it so much so again it’s
cordless obviously you just charge it
when you’re done with it lasts a long
time and what’s different is it’s
actually for your carpet
so most cordless vacuums are for like in
the kitchen or like hardwood floors to
like suck up any crumbs or whatever
which this does do and then it does
become just a normal like cordless
the vacuum that people are used to seeing

but I do have carpet I do have pets I
have a cat and she is a long-haired cat
as you can see some of her hair is in
here but there’s like Tufts of fur
different places if you have pets you
guys know exactly what I’m talking about
and sometimes I don’t have time to run
my entire carpet with the vacuums so I
just take this thing and I just suck up
the places that have fur it’s such a
lifesaver serious

Best rated items

but then if you have kids you guys know
that the kitchen often has crumbs on the
the floor I swear they eat over the table
but somehow things always land on the
floor and I can then take this around
without this attachment, I can either use
it is just like this or it does come with
In this more narrow attachment you just
slide right in there and that lets you
get into corners and like little nooks
and crannies a lot easier I’m pretty
sure this is one of like the number one
cordless vacuums on Amazon I just think

it could make your life a lot easier so
again that’s why I want to show it the
The next two things are actually for your
cell phone and they also will make your
life a lot easier so the first thing is
really weird-looking it’s called the
Yosh and this is really cool for many
reasons so it is a waterproof you
actually, stick your phone right in here
and you might think like what do I need
that and I’ll tell you why you need that
this is amazing for vacations it’s

Best rated things

amazing for going in the pool but it’s
also amazing for bath time I absolutely
love taking a bath and playing with my
phone and there’s been so many times
I’ve almost dropped my phone in the bath
and that is not good so all you do is
open it these clips and you just kind of
open this little bag you slide your
phone right in there and then you just
want to try and like squeeze out all of
the air and then clip it back together
and then your phone works completely

normal it’s not even hard you can just
play with your phone you could stick it
in the water submerge it whatever this
thing is completely waterproof and
nothing will happen to your phone it’s
it’s seriously amazing it does come with
like this little lanyard thing so you
can put it around your neck so if you’re
swimming in a pool you’re on vacation
like floating around it is totally fine
safe and secure it’s just really really
cool and a very cool invention and again

Top-rated Amazon product

very very well priced the next really
cool and top-rated Amazon product I want
to show you is this portable phone
charger by Ankur I know phone chargers
aren’t anything new but I love this one
because it is the size of a lipstick so
all you do is just put it in your bag or
your purse or whatever and anytime your
the phone is a little bit low on the charge
all you do is plug it directly into your
phone and it charges it right up it’s
just so handy and it’s not so big and
bulky and clunky it’s literally the size
of a lipstick

it’s pink I think you can get other
colors but it’s just so cute and so
handy is the theme of this article
it’s a great thing for you to have but
it’s also like a really cool present if
you like all of these things are just
really good presents I should be doing
this article around Christmas the next
the thing that I want to talk about is
another girly thing it’s actually a hair
towel but it is different it’s a

Hair towel

different hair towel I’ve used it
probably like three different times and
I can definitely tell it makes a
difference what it is is an ultra like
absorbent hair drying towel so it saves
me time because it really sucks up all
of the moisture it really reduces frizz
actually, I do notice that it’s kind of
weird I don’t really know why it does

maybe it explains it on Amazon I don’t
know so in turn my hair does look
shinier I don’t know if you guys can
tell but I feel like in the last few
articles my hair has been a little too
frizzy but today it like feels a lot
better so like I said I’ve used this
probably two or three use it three times
I’ve had this for about maybe like two
weeks a few times I’ve forgotten to use
it is because I’m not like in the habit of
using it but I think it makes a big
the difference this comes in a lot of colors

Best women’s products

it’s for people probably with longer
hair that probably doesn’t want to spend
tons of time on their hair and yeah I
definitely, have you known the longest hair
and I just think that it’s really cool
already so we’re onto the tenth and
the final thing that I wanted to share with
you and they’re actually glass mugs but
what is a little bit different is I
actually have to glass straws this kind of
looks summery but I think that they are
great year-round and the reason I am
mentioning this is because a lot of you
out there really enjoy essential oils
like myself, I know everybody keeps
telling me I need to do a full article on

it and I totally will but I love putting
citrus or lemon drops directly into my
water but if you guys don’t know who
actually can’t use essential oils in
plastic bottles because they are so
potent and there’s just something in
plastic that like doesn’t work well with
the oils so you should always use glass
containers now if you don’t use
essential oils that obviously this
wouldn’t matter but I do still really
like these little glass mugs they do
comment with matching stickers so you

TOP-RATED Amazon Products

can actually write your name on them and
have one designated for every family
member like pax is always green haze is
always blue I’m always yellow and Josh
is always red
really seem that fragile or anything I
mean obviously, they could break but we
haven’t had that problem yet and this
set does come with like a cute basket so
you know that’s great for picnics you
can just take it outside to your deck or

your patio or whatever and yeah I just
really like them so I wanted to include
them in this article alright so that does it for this article
I hope you enjoyed the 10 really unique
fun and cool toprated Amazon products
if you like Amazon if you enjoyed this
article I would love for you to give this
article a thumbs up and also share if
you haven’t already as I mentioned
before everything is shown in this article will be linked directly down below if
you want to check anything out but
otherwise thank you again for watching
and I will see you very soon on my next
article by.


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