Top 5 Best massage chairs under $3000

Many modern massage chairs provide a comfortable, effective way to relieve muscle tension or tightness, and some utilize impressive technology that can reliably deliver a satisfying full-body massage. With so many outstanding options on the market, it’s important to find an appropriate option for your needs and space.

What’s going on guys in this article we’re
breaking down the five best massage
chairs in 2022. I’ve made this list
based on a massage performance build
quality price and more I’ve included
options for every type of consumer so
whether you’re looking for a cheaper
model that can loosen up tight muscles
or a premium option with advanced
technology for more in-depth relief
we’ll have the best massage chair for
you if you want more information and the
most up-to-date pricing on the products
we mentioned being sure to check the links
in the down below okay so let’s get
started with the article.

1. Kahuna Superior SM-7300

first up we have an excellent massage
chair that can comfortably accommodate
almost any user and provide satisfying
relief the kahuna superior sm 7300 is an
outstanding all-around option to
consider the kahuna superior sm 7300 is
a sturdy chair that offers an impressive
balance between versatile built-in
automatic programs robust build quality
and soothing full-body performance for a
lower price than other premium models
while it has a much larger design than
some other options on this list come
with a bigger seating area and a wider
seat than standard massage chairs and it
has a convenient design that only needs
to be three inches away from the wall in
The zero gravity position offers an
extendable leg rest and can seat users
up to six foot five and 320 pounds which
makes it suitable for almost anybody
type you also get built-in led lighting
on the outer walls that emits a cool
tone of color to create a relaxing

Kahuna Superior SM-7300
Kahuna Superior SM-7300

it utilizes sl track technology with six rollers to deliver a
satisfying full body massage regardless
of the function, you choose it offers
nine auto massage programs for greater
versatility which is more than the
similarly priced Osaki os champ we’ll
mention shortly and it includes specific
modes for athlete’s office workers
seniors and more the foot rest also has
dual air cells that provide a wrap
around squeeze foot massage with
scraping rolling and kneading techniques
and you get additional air cells in the
hip and thighs and arms to help relieve
tight muscles i also like that it comes
with a revised remote so you can easily
adjust the intensity level program and
customize settings to your preference. MORE

Overall massaging performance

the kahuna superior sm 7300 isn’t as
powerful as the high-end Panasonic epma
but it offers a range of useful
features multiple massage techniques and
similar overall massaging performance if
you don’t want to spend too much on an
effective massage chair but still want
an option that provides in-depth
automatic programs and long-lasting
relief this might be the best choice for

2. Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Heated Recliner

For anyone who wants a cost-effective
massage chair that can provide
satisfying full-body relief without
sacrificing comfort or performance the
human touch wholebody 7.1 heated
recliner is my choice as the best option
for the money in 2022. not everyone has
thousands of dollars to spend on a high
grade massage chair and the human touch
whole body 7.1 is a stylish well-made
option that utilizes some impressive
features to deliver deep tissue relief
it has a sleek sophisticated design that
features a unique 55-degree swivel
function for greater placement
flexibility and it’s available in
multiple colors to match your home’s
aesthetic despite its reasonable price.

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Heated Recliner
Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Heated Recliner

it comes with several useful features
including an extendable ottoman footrest
a neck pillow for additional support and
a remote with body map technology to
provide targeted relief wherever you
need it but it doesn’t have integrated
Bluetooth speakers like the real relaxed
zero gravity chair we’ll mention later
despite its relatively compact size for
a massage chair it’s made from high
quality sturdy materials and can support
users up to 285 pounds and six foot two
it features five auto massage programs
which includes a general-purpose full
mode in upper mode a lower mode a
relaxed mode to provide a gentle massage
and a sleep setting it has a built-in
calf and foot massager and unlike the
other options mentioned utilizes
circulation figure-eight technology that
massages your legs in an upwards wave
like motion to promote blood flow.

Smooth seamless deep tissue massage

your body’s core, even more, you get 3d
flex guide technology that delivers a
smooth seamless deep tissue massage
without pinching or causing
uncomfortable friction for massage
techniques three-speed and intensity
settings and warm air massage technology
to help loosen up stiff lower back
muscles the human touch whole body 7.1
is the best option for the money because
of its unique body map technology
innovative foot massage that promotes
blood flow and comparable features to
more expensive offerings this is an
ideal option if you don’t want to break
the bank on a premium option but still
want a powerful massage chair that can
get the job done.

3. Osaki OS-Champ massage chair

some users might be looking for a high
quality versatile massage chair that can
capably handle just about any
requirement the Osaki os champ is my
choice as the best option for most
people in 2022 Osaki is a well-respected
name with several quality offerings to
choose from and their os champ model is
an impressive massage chair that
features built-in heat pads for
additional relief and comprehensive full
body coverage which makes it ideal for
almost any user has a relatively
sleek stylish design that should fit in
with most home decor and it utilizes
space saving technology that only
requires 9 inches from the chair to the
wall to fully recline for greater
placement flexibility unfortunately it’s
big and heavy at around 200 pounds.

Osaki OS-Champ massage chair
Osaki OS-Champ massage chair

it provides full-body coverage and
features an extendable footrest which
makes it ideal for taller users you get
zero gravity adjustments with two
reclining angles to help you easily find
a comfortable sitting position and an
optimal body alignment while remaining
supported i also like that it offers a
three-year warranty so you can be sure
it’s a solid long-term investment it
utilizes an l-track roller massage
mechanism that can effectively massage
your neck upper and lower back glutes
and hamstrings along with two spinning
foot roller massagers that deliver a
soothing kneading style massage to your
feet and calves it offers five built-in
auto massage programs which include a
relaxed mode a stretch mode for the
entire body in upper back mode a lower
back mode and a five-minute demo setting
like the human touch whole body 7.1 it
also has heated pads in the lumbar area
to provide additional muscle relief and
help improve blood circulation while.

Panasonic technology

It doesn’t have intelligent auto-scanning
technology like the Panasonic EPMA 73 it
offers many similar features solid
placement flexibility and performance
that’s on par with most premium models if you’re looking for a high-end capable
massage chair that offers excellent
versatility durability and a range of
massage techniques to help you relax
this might be the best option available
next up.

4. Zero Gravity Massage Chair

We have a relatively inexpensive
massage chair that can nail the basics
and soothe most areas of the body the
zero gravity massage chair is an
outstanding choice if you’re shopping on
a tighter budget real relaxes zero
gravity massage chair isn’t the most
advanced model on the market but it’s a
reliable affordable massage chair that
provides a solid range of built-in
settings intuitive controls and multiple
intensity levels to suit your needs it
has a reasonably compact footprint for a
massage chair and measures 34 by 30 by
63 inches but it has a limited maximum
user height of six foot one when fully
reclined i like that it offers built-in,

Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Bluetooth connectivity so you can listen
to a relaxing playlist from your phone
while being massaged it comes with a
larger more user-friendly LCD remote and
smart voice controls to easily switch
programs or change settings you also get
three levels of zero gravity reclining
to find a comfortable position and
decompress your spine for more in-depth
relief while it lacks the versatility of
more expensive models you still get six
auto modes including a relax mode and a neck
mode to relieve the tension a sleep mode a
stretch function is a strong setting for
more demanding jobs and a waste program
even more, it utilizes exclusive dual
core s-track robot hand rollers with
various massage techniques to deliver

Improve blood flow

more effective results on your neck and
upper back a foot roller for your lower
legs and airbag cells with three
intensity levels to provide a full body
experience like the higher end Osaki os
champ comes with a built-in heated
lumbar support to improve blood flow and
it offers three levels to finding an
optimal temperature it doesn’t offer the
same high-end relief as the kahuna
superior sm7300 but it offers some
surprising features at this price point
and powerful enough performance to
provide a satisfying experience this is
an ideal option if you’re shopping
around on a tighter budget and want a
massage chair that can nail the basics.

5. Panasonic EP-MA73 Massage Chair

if you’re looking for a massage chair
that offers the best balance between
massaging performance versatility and
advanced features the Panasonic EPMA 73
is my choice as the best overall option
in 2022. the Panasonic epma73 is much
more expensive than the other options on
this list but you pay for performance
and it offers a powerful soothing full
body massage and advanced technology to
provide personalized relief wherever you
need it most it has a nice contemporary
design that should look good almost
anywhere in your home and it’s
upholstered in high-quality synthetic
leather that should hold up over time it
can accommodate a solid range of body
sizes but individuals taller than 6 foot
2 would likely be better off going with
a larger model likes the kahuna superior sm7300.

Panasonic EP-MA73 Massage Chair
Panasonic EP-MA73 Massage Chair

while the tethered remote is somewhat
unintuitive to use it allows you to
quickly launch programs and customize
routines or you can use the voice
activation feature for hands-free
control unlike the other options on this
list it features advanced body scanning
technology which creates a map of your
body to provide personalized relief
based on your size and spinal curvature
you get a unique powerful 3d massage
system to loosen up tight muscles and
target pressure points individual air
cells that provide full-body coverage
and improved stretching capabilities and
10 different junkets thumb like kneading
techniques to provide satisfying deep
tissue relief it offers six automatic
programs to accommodate almost any need
and you can manually combine massage
techniques and programs to your liking more.

Full body coverage

it has innovative thermal
ceramic massage rollers to relax tense
muscles and a shiatsu heated foot
massager for more effective results the
Panasonic EPMA 73 chair is the best
option available because of its
ability to provide tailored relief
attractive design and advanced
technology that delivers class-leading
performance if you can afford the
expensive price and want a premium
massage chair that delivers unmatched
full body coverage and excellent
customizability this might be the ideal
choice for your home
links to updated pricing on all products
mentioned in the article are in the down below.

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