TOP 5: Best HP Laptops 2022

TOP 5: Best HP Laptops 2022, HP makes some great laptops, but with so many models in its portfolio, it’s difficult to determine which one to choose.

hp makes some great laptops but with so
many great models to choose from it
could be hard to know which one is going
to be the best for you
in this article, we’ll break down the top 5
hp laptops on the market this year based
on price versus performance and
situations they’ll be used in so whether
you’re looking for something for school
work casual use or anything in between
stay tuned we’ll have the perfect option for you
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products are in no exact order to be
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don’t miss anything

HP Spectre x360 14 — Best HP 2-in-1

first up is the hp specter x360 14 our pick
for best hp two in one
from its excellent battery life to its
rechargeable pen to its high performance
the hp specter x360 ticks all the right boxes
this laptop features an aluminum chassis
with sturdy 180 degree hinges that let
you switch into tablet mode and back
again with no side to side play the 13.5
inch 1920×1280 touchscreen display is
configured with a 3×2 aspect ratio
giving you extra height for better web
browsing spreadsheet editing and
countless other productivity tasks

HP Spectre x360 14 — Best HP 2-in-1
HP Spectre x360 14 — Best HP 2-in-1

the full-size island-style backlit
the keyboard feels great to type on and has
two levels of backlighting both the
touchscreen and the trackpad support
intuitive gesture controls including
pinch to zoom and swipe and the trackpad
also allows quick scrolling the included
rechargeable hp zenvo tilt pen is
perfect for digital artists or anyone
who prefers to take handwritten notes
during class or meetings and it attaches
to the laptop magnetically when not in use
computing power comes from an Intel i7
processor with integrated intel xe graphics

Thunderbolt 4 ports DisplayPort 1.4 HDMI

16 gigabytes of system ram is in place
and for internal storage, there’s a 512
gigabyte SSD
connectivity options include two
thunderbolt 4 ports DisplayPort 1.4 HDMI
2.0 a super speed USB type a porta
headphone mic combo jack and a micro sd
card reader, you’ll get up to 10 hours of
battery life and fast charging is also
supported providing about 50 percent of
a full charge in just 45 minutes
a bang and Olufsen 4 speaker array
delivers audio in both laptop and tablet
mode and while laptop speakers usually
sound tinny everything from dialogue in
movies to aggressive music come through
crisp and clear

if you’re looking for a powerful
two-in-one with all-day battery life the
hp specter x360 would be an excellent
the choice for you the included pen also
gives you a different way to interact
with the laptop especially on a tablet

HP Envy 13 – Best HP Laptop For The Money

next up is the hp envy 13 our pick for the best
hp laptop for the money
the hp envy 13 offers features and specs
that race it up to the near-premium status
but with a mid-range price tag to give
you the most for your money
the nv13 features a compact lightweight
build that feels rigid but looks
contemporary thanks to its anodized
finish the fully touch-enabled 13-inch
the display isn’t 4k or OLED and it doesn’t
have a 3×2 aspect ratio like the hp
spectre x360 but the 1080p IPS screen
nails the basics it’s sharp bright and
vivid the backlit keyboard is on the
softer side and that means the buttons
are comfortable and quiet which is ideal
for long typing sessions or for using
the laptop in quiet areas like libraries
or in the classroom

HP Envy 13 - Best HP Laptop For The Money
HP Envy 13 – Best HP Laptop For The Money

the keys have relatively deep travel and
a pleasant tactile bump when you hit the
actuation spot without bottoming out
the keys are also impressively large
with a clear font and a bright crisp
a two-stage backlight in addition there’s
a trackpad that may not have the same
premium feel as some of the glass
alternatives out there but it does the job
internals include an intel i7 processor
and intel iris plus graphics that
supports high resolutions accelerated
speed and support for 4k streaming eight
gigabytes of ram is in place and for
file and app storage there’s a 256
gigabyte ssd

Connecting to 4k monitors

the nv13 cleverly uses a drop jaw hinge
mechanism to fit USB type a port on
each side of the laptop so you could
charge your accessories or connect peripherals
ports include two USB ports a
headphone mic combo jack a micro sd card
slot and a thunderbolt 4 port for fast
transfer speeds or connecting to 4k monitors
battery life is above average giving you
around 11 hours on a full charge
if you want to get the most for your
the money the hp envy 13 definitely delivers
it covers the essentials well has a good
spec and battery life and is a solid
the choice for a hp laptop

HP Elite Dragonfly G2 – Best Overall HP Laptop

next up the hp elite dragonfly g2 our
pick for best overall hp laptop
the hp elite dragonfly g2 is one of the
best laptops for business users and
offers an attractive design high
portability great battery life and very
good performance however it does come at
a high price point
the 13.3-inch touchscreen display is
available as an HD screen with either
400 or 1000 nits of brightness or you
could go 4k with 550 nits of brightness
whichever display you go with the elite
dragonfly g2’s two in one ability lets

HP Elite Dragonfly G2 - Best Overall HP Laptop
HP Elite Dragonfly G2 – Best Overall HP Laptop

it easily switches from a conventional
laptop to tablet mode the backlit
the keyboard has decent travel and its
trackpad is large enough to be used
comfortably especially for a laptop this
the size you’ll get some reasonably good
sound quality with the built-in bang and
Ellefson speakers too
inside you can configure the elite
dragonfly g2 to best suit your needs
choose an intel i3 processor with intel
HD graphics an intel i5 processor with
intel iris xe graphics or an intel i7
processor also with intel iris xe

Protect highly sensitive data

graphics for system ram you can add as
little as 8 gigabytes up to 32 gigabytes
and for internal storage, you can select
an SSD with 128 gigabytes to 2 terabytes
of capacity two of the available sizes
256 gigabytes and 512 gigabytes offer
optional automatic self
to protect highly sensitive data
wireless technology includes a wi-fi 6
and Bluetooth 5 combos in either a v-pro
or non-vpro configuration
on broadband is optional with a choice
of the advanced broadband or 5g

external ports include two Thunderbolt 4
ports a single USB a port an HDMI 2.0
port and a headphone mic combo jack
battery life clocks in at 16 hours
if you’re a business traveler who works
with sensitive or confidential data the
hp elite dragonfly g2 is an excellent
choice it’s fully configurable so you
could select the components to create
the best build for your particular
purposes and has some important security
options to keep your information safe
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HP Pavilion Aero 13 — Best Budget HP Laptop

next up is the hp pavilion arrow 13 our
pick for best budget hp laptop
the rule of thumb with hp’s consumer
laptops dictate that pavilions are
cheap nvs are mid-range and specters are
expensive but the pavilion arrow 13
breaks the rules giving you a highly
capable laptop at a budget price point
despite weighing less than 2.2 pounds
the pavilion arrow 13 feels very well
made and reliable aluminum is used for
the entire construction with thick
pieces that resist flexing the silver
finish is slightly rough providing a

HP Pavilion Aero 13 — Best Budget HP Laptop
HP Pavilion Aero 13 — Best Budget HP Laptop

good grip and resistance to scratches
and fingerprints the 13.3 inch
by 1200 w uxga IPS display features a 16
by 10 aspect ratio that reduces side
scrolling when working with large data
tables or excel sheets the screen
provides 450 nits of brightness and
covers 100 of the RGB color gamut so
it’s suitable for color-accurate work in
a wide variety of lighting conditions
the backlit keyboard is full size and
offers a nice typing experience with
proper spacing and feedback as well as
an extra column of keys for home end
page up and page down at the right
but like the hp envy 13 the trackpad is
plastic and while it doesn’t feel as
nice to the touch as the trackpad on the

Radeon graphics 8 gigabytes

hp specter x360 it’s still a solid and
a sturdy surface that responds well with
smooth and quiet clicks in the bottom
corners the pavilion arrow 13 is built
on an AMD ryzen 5 processor with AMD
Radeon graphics 8 gigabytes of system
ram and a 512-gigabyte SSD for internal storage
ports include a USB-C port and hdmi 2.0
port a headphone mic combo jack and two
usb a ports with drop draw hinges just
like the nv13
battery life is very good at around 10
hours on a full charge
if you’re shopping for a budget hp
a laptop that’s portable has a great
looking display a good hardware loadout
and plenty of battery life the hp
pavilion arrow 13 is a great choice for

HP Omen 15 — Best HP Gaming Laptop

last but not least the hp omen 15 our
pick for best hp gaming laptop
if you want proof that you don’t need to
spend a few thousand dollars on a gaming
laptop just to get an enjoyable gaming
experience take a look at the hp omen
15. the 15.6-inch HD display has a
144hz refresh rate and is surrounded by
slim bezels on both sides with a
slightly thicker trim on the top
typing on the omen’s backlit keyboard is
pretty enjoyable there’s very little
movement in the keys and like the nv13
they’re nice and quiet so you won’t
annoy anyone who’s working or trying to sleep

HP Omen 15 — Best HP Gaming Laptop
HP Omen 15 — Best HP Gaming Laptop

hp seems to have put some extra thought
into the keyboard by adding small
tactile bumps to the fj and w keys to
help you find the home row or the WASD keys
by feel gaming on chiclet-style keyboards often
leads to misplaced fingers but not with
the omen 15.
when it comes to the internal hardware
the base model comes with an intel i5
processor and an RTX 3070 GPU but if the
base CPU isn’t exactly your cup of tea
you could pay more to bump it up to an

intel core i7 processor

intel core i7 there’s 16 gigabytes of
ram in place and a one terabyte SSD
for connectivity the omen 15 is
outfitted with one USB c port three USB
ports an HDMI port a mini display port
and a 3.5-millimeter headphone mic combo jack
the battery will only get you through a
a couple of hours but that’s typical with
gaming laptops
if you’re looking for a gaming laptop
with plenty of power and some wiggle
room for upgrades the hp omen 15 is an
excellent choice the only downside is
the short battery life but for gaming
laptops come with the territory.

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